SmartTreat Process

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What Is The SmartTreat™ Process?

RTEC’S SmartTreat™  process is a highly effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management in our suburban environment.  The SmartTreat™ process uses the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment to provide more effective pest management solutions all while using fewer chemicals on your property.

The SmartTreat™ process works by:

Setting Action Thresholds

For the most part our environment is able to keep pests on our property in check. Spotting one pest on your property is most likely an outlier and your property’s ecosystem will be able to take care of the insect without human intervention. By setting action thresholds our Arborists are able to determine when a pest is out of control and action must be taken.insect logo

Monitoring and Identifying Pests

Not all insects or living organisms are bad.  Our SmartTreat™ process works to identify and monitor pest so that appropriate decisions that take into account your whole property can be made. Monitoring and Identifying pests makes sure that your property isn’t exposed to unnecessary chemicals/treatments. To learn more about helpful insects check out our Beneficial Insect Release Program.


By keeping your trees and shrubs healthy they will be less susceptible to insects and diseases. Our SmartTreat™ Process works to make sure your property is in overall good health to prevent pests and to give your property the best shot at naturally defending against pests.

Responsible Use

Sometimes chemicals are needed to control pests on a property. Our SmartTreat™ process makes sure that these treatments are performed at the right time to ensure they are effective in controlling the pest, adverse effects to the rest of the property are limited, and the least amount of chemical possible is used.

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