A Proactive Approach
to Tree & Shrub Care

Cherished landscapes are constantly subjected to environmental and human stressors. These stressors can be in the form of insects, disease, weather fluctuations, construction, over- or under-watering, soil compaction, and pollution. Stress severely compromises tree and shrub health and must be addressed on a regular basis in order to sustain a healthy and vigorous landscape.

Regular Plant Health Treatments

Holistic Review of Property at Each Visit

Notification of Developing Health Issues

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Increase Your Property Value

A mature and healthy landscape can increase your property value by 10-15%.

Keep foliage vibrant & Lush

Trees and ornamentals will be more vigorous and leaf out more fully, increasing shade and screening.

Control Pests & Protect Pollinators

Protect the environment and prevent infestation by proactively managing pest problems.

Protect Your Plants

Plant Health Care,
From Roots to Shoots


Routine inspections may find early warning signs of dangerous trees and branches.


Improve the health of plants and trees making their natural colors more vibrant.

Plant Health

Making your trees and shrubs less susceptible to disease and insect infestations.

Human Health

Being surrounded by healthy and mature trees & shrubs can improve the human immune system, decrease high blood pressure, lower obesity, and boost overall health.


Proactively monitor your landscape for pests and diseases, without over usage of chemicals and broad spectrum pesticides. 

Protect Your Investment

Prevention is the only real protection. A healthy landscape can increase property value by 10% on average.

Soil & Root Health Get Your Soil & Roots

Canopy Protection Plans

Annual Insurance for Your Landscape


Keep your plants vibrant and healthy year round.
Starting at
  • Bio-Stimulants 2x Per Year For Ornamentals and Mature Trees
  • Holistic Review of Property at Each Visit
  • Notification of Developing Health Issues


Optimal health, prevention and aesthetics.
Starting at
  • Bio-Stimulants 2x Per Year For Ornamentals Under 16ft Only
  • Routine Inspections (At Least 5x Per Year)
  • Preferred Access During Emergencies
  • 35% Off Intensive Treatments
  • Incidental Cosmetic Pruning


The ultimate insurance for your entire landscape.
Starting at
  • Bio-Stimulants 2x Per Year For Ornamentals and Mature Trees
  • Routine Inspections (At Least 5x per year)
  • Preferred Access During Emergencies
  • Invasive Species Inspections
  • Cultural Improvements for Soil
  • 35% Off Intensive Treatments
  • Incidental Cosmetic Pruning

Compare Plant Health Care Plans

  • PLUS
Starting at
Starting at
Starting at
Service delivery by professional Plant Health Care Specialists
Trained in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) protocols
Identify Potential Safety Risks
Identify tree and shrub related safety hazards
Digital Record for Each Service Visit
Protection of Beneficial Insects and Pollinators
Holistic Review of Your Property at Each Visit
Prescriptive Approach to Plant Health Care Problems
Customized Service Notification (As Needed)
If you need to make arrangements for your family or yard, we match your communication needs.
Unlimited Virtual Consultations With Our Team
During Business Hours
Preferential Access During Emergencies
Bio-Stimulants Twice Per Year For Ornimentals
For all ornamentals 16ft height and under
Seasonal Inspection, Monitoring and Treatment as Necessary
For all ornamentals 16ft height and under
Bio-Stimulants Twice Per Year for Mature Trees
Mature trees in landscaped areas of the property
Cultural Improvement Inspection
Invasive Species Inspection
Incidental Cosmetic Deadwood Pruning
On shrubs or ornamental trees
Access to Safe-Shield Natural Mosquito Treatment Outside Normal Service Area
At additional cost. Not eligible for 35% discount.
Access to Intensive Treatments at 35% Discount
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Get Access to 35% Off Intensive Treatments*

Intensive Insect Treatments

Insect Treatments on Mature Trees

Older Tree Care

Growth Regulators

Culture Treatment for Root & Soil Care

Invasive Species Management

Structural Pruning of Ornamentals

Specialty Invasive Pest Treatments

Winter Protection Program

Deer Management Program

*For plus and premier packages only. Does not apply to Safe-Shield Mosquito Treatment.

Have Questions?

Schedule an appointment with an arborist

Make Your Property Thrive

All Plans Include:

Customization by a Certified Arborist

Digital Reporting with Photos

Notification of Developing Health Issues

Comprehensive Tree & Shrub Health Care Plans

Stress severely compromises tree and shrub health and must be addressed in order to sustain a healthy and vigorous landscape.

Routine monitoring and timely treatments can shield your landscape from these stressors. By proactively providing important tree & shrub care, you can protect your property investment and reduce expenses in the long run.


For example, a monitoring visit might reveal:

  • A hidden infestation of defoliating insects.
  • A dangerous branch that may fall and damage your house.
  • Soil compaction that may lead to the death of your favorite tree.
  • Poorly pruned shrubs causing sub-par flowering.

This all-natural alternative to fertilizer–like a multivitamin for your trees—is recommended twice a year for any tree or woody shrub. It can armor the plant, leaving it more resistant to disease, pests, or challenging weather conditions. You can expect no danger of overuse as is the case with ordinary fertilizers.


If you only get one plant health care service from RTEC Treecare, this is the one to get! We recommend this service to anyone who has trees and shrubs on their property, as it’s the single best thing you can do for your plants.

We don’t use broad spectrum pesticides. Everything we use is labeled specifically for the insect we are treating. We don’t use products that harm beneficial insects.

The best way to protect your investment in your landscape is to prevent disease. Everything we do as part of the Canopy Protection Program is to promote optimal health for your trees and shrubs, and catch any signs of disease early.

Protect Your Plants