Health Care for Your Trees & Shrubs

Our annual programs & intensive plant health treatments utilize our SMARTTREAT™ PROCESS and are customized by a certified arborist to fit your property’s needs.

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A ichneumonid wasp with a uniquely shaped abdomen.


The SmartTreat™ process uses the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment to provide more effective pest management solutions all while using fewer chemicals on your property.

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Plant Health Care Programs & Services

Treat acute problems or maintain landscape health year round.

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Annual Programs

Set your plant health care on autopilot and let us do the work!

Canopy Protection Program

Our Canopy Protection Program was designed by our certified arborists and tree service experts to provide the best ongoing, proactive, expert care for your trees and shrubs. They will be on hand for regular inspections to spot problems before they can cause greater damage. 


Winter Protection Program

Winters in the DC area have become colder and stormier in the past couple of years. It has gotten to the point where the harsh winters have taken a toll on trees and shrubs.  Because of this, intervention is necessary to keep our landscapes thriving.


Organic Mosquito Control Program

RTEC’s Safe-Shield™ Annual Program is a 100% organic mosquito and other nuisance insect treatment. By using an organic control option you get the benefit of protection without having to worry about you and your family being exposed to chemicals.


Multi-Vitamin Program

A combination of organic microbial inoculations that are injected into the critical root zone. They contain a natural blend of sugars, bacteria, humic acid, sea kelp extract and fungi that feed the soil and naturally fertilize the tree without the negative effects of over-fertilizing.


Emerald Ash Boarer Protection Program

RTEC’s Emerald Ash Borer Protection Program utilizes special insecticides designed to kill Emerald Ash Borers living in your tree and prevent new ones from infesting your ash tree.


Deer Protection Program

Some clients experience deer browsing on their property. We apply a foliar spray to repel deer and we wrap less established trees to protect them from further damage from deer nibbling on tender branches and rubbing them branches with their new antlers.


Adult Asian long-horned beetle on a flower.

Intensive Treatments

Treatment for acute problems such as insect infestation.


If you only get one plant health care service from RTEC Treecare, this is the one to get!

This all-natural alternative to fertilizer–like a multivitamin for your trees—is recommended twice a year for any tree or woody shrub. It can armor the plant, leaving it more resistant to disease, pests, or challenging weather conditions. You can expect no danger of overuse as is the case with ordinary fertilizers.

We recommend this service to anyone who has trees and shrubs on their property, as it’s the single best thing you can do for your plants.


Growth Regulators

Tree growth regulators are injected directly into the cambium of mature trees. These hormones regulate the tree’s growth and development preventing tip elongation. This is a huge perk for homeowners, who won’t have to prune their trees as often. It’s also beneficial when a tree is in a tight environment, when it grew larger than developers planned for, or when it encroaches on a neighbor’s property, on other trees, or on power lines. It can preserve a stressed tree, boost the root system and the overall health, prevent too-rapid growth, and ensure that the foliage is vibrant, green, and healthy.

Shrub growth regulators are sprayed directly onto the foliage. Two treatments a year prevent too-rapid growth and yield healthier, more beautiful foliage. It reduces the need for excessive re-shaping and overshearing which weakens shrubs over time.


Root & Soil Care

Yellowing leaves, early color change or leaf drop, poor growth—these are indicators  that something is wrong with your tree or shrub. If the problem is not obvious, RTEC specialists run a diagnostic. A root collar excavation involves removing dirt from around the trunk to inspect the root system. Root decay or damage, a girdling root, poor planting practices, or heavily compacted soil can be the problem.

These issues can be remediated through the following services:





Insects & Disease


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