Plant Health Care

RTEC Offers numerous Plant Health Care programs to fit the needs of your property. Each program utilizes our SmartTreat™ Process and is customized by a Certified Arborist to fit your property and provide solutions to your needs.

What is Plant Health Care?

Plant Health Care is the proactive approach to maintain tree and shrub health through the process of scheduled monitoring and preventative maintenance.

plant health careWhy Is Plant Health Care Important?

Cherished landscapes are constantly subjected to environmental and human stress such as insects, disease, weather fluctuations, construction, over-or-under watering, soil compaction, and pollution. These stresses severely compromise the ability of trees and shrubs to thrive and must be addressed in order to sustain a healthy and vigorous landscape. Routine monitoring and timely treatments can protect your landscape from these stresses which protect your property investment and reduces expenses in the long run.

For example, a monitoring visit might reveal:

  • A hidden infestation of defoliating insects.
  • A dangerous branch that may fall and damage your house.
  • Soil Compaction that may lead to the premature death of your favorite tree.
  • Poorly pruned shrubs causing sub-par flowering.

Benefits of Plant Health Care:

Protect Your Investment: A healthy landscape can increase home values by 10% on average.
Safety: Routine inspections may find early warning signs of dangerous trees and branches.
Aesthetics: Canopy protection programs improve the health of plants and trees making their natural colors more vibrant and healthy looking.
Health: Canopy protection programs improve the health of your landscape making your trees and shrubs less susceptible to disease and insect infestations.
Human Health: Studies show being surrounded by healthy and mature trees & shrubs can improve the human immune system, decrease high blood pressure, lower obesity, and boost overall health.

plant health care 2

Programs We Offer:

Winter Protection Programs
Year Round Canopy Protection Plans For Total Tree And Shrub Care
Ash Protection Programs (Protect From Emerald Ash Borers)
Pest Management Programs
Multivitamin Programs