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Our ongoing success with federal agencies and government municipalities, our professional certifications, affiliations, and qualifications, plus our environmentally safe solutions make us the premier choice for your agency’s environmental projects.”


We are environmental experts providing technically sound solutions to the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area for over 25 years.

RTEC Treecare is an Accredited Tree Care Company by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). We were the first tree care company in Virginia that met all the requirements that are set for accreditation, which includes a stringent safety program, and places values in ethical business practices.  With over 25 years of experience, RTEC has performed services for federal, state, and local governments, as well as residential properties in the DC metro area and other surrounding states.

Plant Health Care Programs & Services


Our professionals will not only provide your agency with superior service, but also understand complex environmental policies your agency may be required to implement. We strive to leave every place we touch better than we found it.


Conservation of precious environmental resources is our primary focus. We help to preserve natural resources on your government property.

Environmental Consulting
Compliance, sustainability, implementation of policies such as FMP, INRMP, IPM plan, and more.

Forest Management
Forestry mulching & mowing, tree trimming, hazard tree risk assessment & removal, hazardous fuels management, vegetation & invasive plant management, pest & disease management.

Environmental Restoration Wetland mitigation, reforestation, environmental remediation, stream bed restoration, conservation, and restoration of historic waterways.

Other Environmental Solutions
Water resource management, irrigation, stormwater management.

We have experience with some of the most well-known sites in our area, including environmentally sensitive areas, secure and/or military sites, historic locations, and more.

Our service team is made up of certified arborists with the high-end equipment needed to work in tight, less-than-optimal conditions. We are also familiar with the complex environmental policies that your agency must comply with.

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