Tree Pruning Services

Tree Pruning Services

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Tree Pruning Services – RTEC specialists bring proper training, the right equipment, and compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI.)

We won’t recommend Tree Pruning Services when the tree is too dangerous to climb or in irreversible decline. And we stay away from practices that are harmful or controversial. These include topping, a process used when trees have grown too large for the space. Topping removes large branches or even the whole tops of trees. It can starve a tree of its ability to manufacture food. It can cause shock and scalding (sunburn.) It opens up the possibility of insect infestation and disease and could even kill the tree. Topping may be cheaper in the short term, but it can decrease your property value in the long run.

Benefits of Tree Pruning Services

safety benefits of tree trimming: caution symbol on leafSafety Benefits: Proper pruning creates & maintains a strong tree structure. This helps prevent safety hazards such as low growing and dead limbs or branches.aesthetic benefits of tree trimming: pretty flower on leafAesthetic Benefits: Proper pruning will promote new growth, more vibrant colors, and keep your tree looking neat and tidy.
health benefits of tree trimming: tree doctor on leafHealth Benefits: Trimming your trees will eliminate dead, diseased, and broken branches. By removing these branches, you can stop the spread of disease and insects within your tree. Trimming will also reduce any unnecessary weight off your tree.aesthetic benefits of tree trimming: eyes on leafVisual Access Benefits: Trimming your tree can open up your landscape, allowing more sunlight into your yard and improving your view.

HOW DO YOU PROPERLY TRIM A TREE? There are various methods of tree trimming. Certified Arborists will help you decide what is best for you and your tree. They’ll evaluate your landscape’s trees, address your concerns, and recommend the best type of pruning cuts for your landscape.

Maintenance Tree Trimming: Removal of dead, dying, diseased, crossing branches, depending on the species and health.

Hazard Reduction Tree Trimming: Removal of larger deadwood for safety.

Vista Tree Trimming: Selective removal of limbs without injuring the tree. Performed when there is a view that the tree branches are blocking.

Crown Raising: Removal of lower branches, most commonly in areas where there is a driveway, walkway, or parking area.

Crown Reduction: Pruning less than 1/3 of the tree’s crowns or for the purpose of shaping.

Cut Back: Cut back branches from structures such as sidewalks, lights, and buildings.

Fine Tree Trimming: Removal of smaller branches and deadwood commonly performed on smaller or immature trees.

Tree Topping: Removal of large branches or whole tops of trees. This is a harmful and incorrect trimming practice. Topping stresses the tree and can lead to health decline, structural defects, and infection.


Tree trimming costs range from $750-$3,500 on average for a single tree. This is a pretty wide range.

The exact tree trimming cost depends on your tree. Various factors are taken into consideration, including:

  • Crown spread
  • Accessibility
  • The tree’s diameter at breast height (dbh)
  • History of maintenance

Looking for more clarification on this cost range? We’ve got you covered; check out the video below.


Trees and power lines don’t mix.

Prevent your trees from coming in contact with power lines by planting the right tree in the right place. A good thing to keep in mind is the eventual height the tree will grow to once matured.

Small TreesLess Than 25ft  tallDogwood, Redbud, Flowering Cherry, etc.Can be planted under power lines
Medium TreesBetween 25ft-40ft tallHoney locust, flowering pear, quaking aspen, eastern red cedarPlant 20 feet away from power lines
Large TreesOver 40ft tallMaple, Sycamore, Oak, Pine, Spruce, BirchPlant 50 feet away from power lines.

Once a tree is within 10 feet of a power line, tree service companies will complete a line drop. For safety purposes, this must be done before work can begin. Line drops are completed by the local power company, but are typically coordinated by your tree service company.

Depending on which line is near the tree, you or your neighbor may lose access to electricity. But rest assured; local power companies in Northern VA & DC guarantee that power will be turned back on the same day.

Tree Trimming Tip: Does your tree grow too fast? Does it continue to grow too close to power lines? If so, we recommend looking into our tree growth regulator.

SAFETYTree Pruning Services

Arboriculture is among the top five most dangerous occupations in the United States. Without the proper training, tools, and equipment, tree work can quickly become life-threatening.

In 2015, the media covered 58 stories of homeowners sustaining serious injury while performing their own tree work. 34 of these cases were fatal. In some cases, it wasn’t even the homeowner that sustained the fatality but bystanders.

The youngest victim recorded was a 3-year-old. The toddler had walked into the path of a tree his father was felling and was struck and killed.

For your safety, we strongly urge you to hire a licensed, accredited, and insured tree company for your tree service needs. Additionally, tree experts are equipped with the knowledge needed to execute the best tree trimming practices. (This includes safely handling the branch collar!).

Each day, RTEC Treecare’s number one priority is to keep their employees, clients, and local residents safe in the dangerous world of tree work. From the very beginning, we have been focused on this core priority. With our focus in expertise and safety, we had naturally become the first to be accredited in all of Virginia.

For the safety of all homeowners and their families, we strongly urge you to hire a licensed, accredited, and insured tree company.

I am in the Northern Virginia, DC Metro area and am looking for tree trimming services near me: Reserve an appointment with one of our Certified Arborists today!

I am outside of Northern Virginia, but am looking for tree trimming services in my area: Check out TCIA’s website to search for the accredited tree service company right for you.

We believe the best intervention is prevention.

Guarantee the health and beauty of the ornamental plants on your property; protect them from insects, disease, harsh weather conditions, over- or under-watering, soil compaction, and other stressors.
Designed by our certified arborists and tree service experts to provide the best ongoing, proactive, expert care for your trees and shrubs.
Once you’ve put your plant health care needs in our hands, you can relax. If any issues arise, we will spot them and either take care of them on the spot or schedule additional service.
EAB injections | Tree Growth Regulators | Intensive fungicide programs | Aphid/honeydew control | Borer treatment plans for mature trees | Bio-Stimulants for mature trees | Winter Protection Program
Tree Pruning Services
Tree Pruning Services

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RTEC is the premier tree and shrub care provider in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

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Once again, RTEC has done a great job. The team showed up right on time and performed all the work that we agreed to. They coordinated with us and made recommendations concerning ongoing support for our trees. They thoroughly cleaned up the debris and left our yard in pristine condition. WELL DONE.
Kenton Morgan
Home Owner
We have used RTEC Treecare for several years. They do excellent work. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and take great care in explaining the various options available for your particular situation. I highly recommend them.
Dennis Bruns
Home Owner
Very professional review of our requirements and an accurate estimate. Showed up on time and were finished quickly. Cleaned up all of the debris and sawdust. Great job all around.
Grey Burkhart
Home Owner
Very good work while ensuring that I was aware of status of my work order and planned completion.
Jerry Haggin
Home Owner

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Our promise to you is that if we ever fall short of our commitments, we will make it right.

Other Services

RTEC Tree Care is a full service tree health care and maintenance provider in Maryland, Virginia, and DC.
Tree Pruning Services

Bio Stimulants

This all-natural alternative to fertilizer–like a multivitamin for your trees—is recommended twice a year for any tree or woody shrub. It can armor the plant, leaving it more resistant to disease, pests, or challenging weather conditions. You can expect no danger of overuse as is the case with ordinary fertilizers.


Tree Pruning Services
A tree with two or more large leads can be unstable and can cause damage to your property. We provide a support structure in the form of high-strength cables that help to stabilize the tree. This prevents further injury to the tree, and can even guide a mature, healthy tree to grow in the right direction.
Tree Pruning Services

Tree & Stump Removal

Our goal is to preserve trees as often as possible. If they are still healthy , we do all we can to retain them. However, in cases of unhealthy or dying trees, where they are a danger to property, or when there is no other option, we can safely remove the tree.