Winter Protection for Your Trees: How to avoid the burn

Winter is coming! 

This is the time of year RTEC encourages our customers to start thinking about winter protection for their plants. You probably don’t think of winter until you see those first few snowflakes falling from the sky. Those first hard frosts of winter are a bothersome reminder that we not only have to prepare for winter – but also prepare our plants. We want to do everything possible to make it an easy transition for your plants. As you read through the problems that arise during the winter season, you will also see our solution. With our Winter Protection Program, we hope you gain a new level of comfort and understanding as to why winter is the necessary time to protect your trees. 

Winter protection in the winter is crucial to preserving newly planted trees and shrubs. The winter can take a severe toll on just-planted trees and shrubs, particularly when winter conditions are harsh. Two important considerations in winter protection products are whether they control winter desiccation (when plant “sweats out” more water than it can retain) or winter heaving (when plant roots peak out of the soil as a result of “thawing” from cold temperature). 

How Winter Burn Occurs: 

Winter sun shines on the sides of winter-burned trees and shrubs for 10 to 12 hours each day; leafless branches catch winter sun like mirrors; winter wind scours winter-burned trunks with freezing air; brown cells options impractical, winter burn lingers.  

Additionally, winter root damage is linked to winter burn. This occurs when winter soil moisture drops to levels that the roots cannot absorb water. When this happens, it triggers the plant’s winter dormancy mode which results in winter leaf drop. As a part of our winter program, our Plant Health Care Technicians inspect your trees and shrubs. If any issues as such go detected they can personalize a treatment option to heal and protect against these external forces.  

Beat the Burn 

If winter winds and low winter sun have burned your young shrubs and trees this winter, it may be time to invest in some winter protection. 

Winter burn is easy to recognize

  • Brown or burnt areas at the tips of branches or trunks where winter sun has shone for many hours each day
  • Dried, brittle foliage
  • Spots on trunks where winter wind has scoured the bark

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Plants have the potential to thrive in sites where winter winds are blocked by other trees or buildings. They also have a higher survival rate when provided with winter shade with fast-growing evergreen shrubs planted close enough together to block winter sun. But if existing landscape conditions make these changes impossible, winter protection is needed.

Protect trees and shrubs from winter burn. 

As winter approaches, don’t leave winter protection for your plants until the last minute. Protect your plants.  “How?” you ask.  With our Winter Protection Program! 

Winter Protection Program 

In winter, we use a protective treatment that combats the stress put on your trees and shrubs, especially Evergreens, during the harsh winter months. Our program includes a combination of Bio-Stimulant, Tree Growth Regulator and Anti-Desiccant applications that can be applied from the start of fall through the end of winter. This comprehensive maintenance program is designed to give your plant optimal health throughout winter!  

Happy almost Winter! 

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