The 2021 Eco-Friendly Gift Guide

The gift that keeps on giving!

Christmas is just around the corner, and gift-giving season for family or friends can be overwhelming. RTEC is here to help! This holiday, consider surrounding your loved ones with a gift that goes beneath the surface — healthy trees and shrubs. Here are a few gift suggestions to help keep your plants in great health throughout the winter and into future growing seasons.

Doing the Right Thing for People and the Environment

1. Bio-Stimulants

Our Certified Arborists like to say, if you can only do one thing for your trees and shrubs, it should be a Biostimulant. Biostimulants are like multivitamins for plants, but with guaranteed results. They leave your landscape flourishing, both internally and aesthetically. Biostimulants are the gifts you give when you’re unsure what’s hip, or how old that distant relative is… 50? 60? They are guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser, leaving nothing but smiles.

2. Winter Protection

The Winter Protection Program. It works as a preventative measure to keep your evergreens hydrated throughout the winter, before disaster strikes. It stops winter burn and rock salt in their place, before they have a chance to harm your evergreens and cause winter injury. The Winter Protection Program is sporty, fully hydrated and ready for next season because it worked to care for itself and avoid any injuries over the break.

3. Plant Health Care Inspections

Plant Health Care Inspections are a wonderful preventative measure. During which our technicians are able to spot disease and infestation before it becomes a problem. Routine inspections may find warning signs of dangerous trees and branches. Perfect for your families next detective.

4. Canopy Protection Program

Our Canopy Protection Program is designed by our Certified Arborists and tree service experts to provide the best ongoing, preventative, expert care for your trees and shrubs. Routine monitoring and timely treatments can shield your landscape from these stressors. By proactively providing important tree & shrub care, you can protect your property investment and reduce expenses in the long run. Our Canopy Protection Program is perfect for that Wonder Mom: How does she do it all?!

5. Trimming (Pruning)

Proper pruning can help keep your tree healthy and pleasant looking while correcting minor structural weaknesses. Trimming serves your tree in an array of ways; removes dead, weak, or diseased limbs and branches. Improves a your tree’s form and shape. Maintains a desired tree height. Encourages new shoots. Improves air circulation within the canopy. Increases the amount of light that penetrates through the canopy onto the ground. Tree trimming is like your dad walking into the room after he met with his trusted barber. He appears taller, there’s a lightness about him, and his smile shines through!

There’s a little something for everyone this holiday season! Don’t miss out.

Give yourself, and all that surrounds you, the gift that keeps on giving!

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