Benefits of Canopy Protection

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Our cherished landscapes are constantly subjected to environmental and human stress such as insects, disease, weather fluctuations, construction, over-or-under watering, soil compaction, and pollution. These stresses severely compromise the ability of trees and shrubs to thrive and must be addressed in order to sustain a healthy and vigorous landscape. Routine monitoring and timely treatments, through a Canopy Protection Program, can shield your landscape from these stresses which will protect your property investment and reduces expenses in the long run.

Benefits of Canopy Protection

  • Protect Your Investment: A healthy landscape can increase home values by 10% on average.
  • Safety: Routine inspections may find early warning signs of dangerous trees and branches.
  • Aesthetics: Canopy protection programs improve the health of plants and trees making their natural colors more vibrant and healthy-looking.
  • Health: Canopy protection programs improve the health of your landscape making your trees and shrubs less susceptible to disease and insect infestations.

Importance of Prevention and Early Intervention

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It may be difficult to imagine why you should invest in a year-round tree health program instead of only contacting an Arborist when a problem occurs; however, a proactive tree health program is vital for the well-being of a landscape. The best time to stop safety risks, diseases, and insects is before they cause damage.

If you wait until you notice symptoms, many diseases/insects will have progressed too far and caused too much damage. In these cases, the tree/shrub is unable to recover and soon dies.


  • Keeps trees and shrubs in their best health so they can fight off insects and diseases when they tree to attack.
  • Can keep trees from being attacked in the first place. Many insects/diseases attack trees that are giving off stress signals. Prevention and proper maintenance can keep trees from becoming stressed and making themselves a target.
  • Can make trees resistant to certain diseases/insects. Certain species are prone to certain diseases/insects. Preventative treatments targeted at these pests act similarly to a vaccine.

Early intervention:

  • Helps trees and shrubs recover faster and more fully from diseases, insects, stress.
  • Will reduce the chance of secondary invaders.
  • Can stop dangerous branches/limbs from hurting you, your family, or your property.

Prevention and early prevention can seem like a lot of work but it doesn’t have to be. RTEC’s Canopy Protection Program makes early intervention easy!

We Manage Your Landscape, So You Don’t Have To!

Get your weekends back, gain peace of mind, and save money in the long run by investing in RTEC’s Canopy Protection Program. With digital service reports (including photos) and notification of developing health issues, you can stay up to date on the state of your property at a glance. Let us do all the work and you sit back and enjoy the results!

What Does An RTEC Canopy Protection Program Include?

A standard Canopy Protection Program includes 2 aspects:

  • Seven plant health care inspection visits for all woody ornamental trees and shrubs 16’ height; and
  • Two Bio-Stimulant visits for all woody ornamental trees and shrubs 16’ height and below

Homeowners can also add intensive treatments to their Canopy Protection Program. We offer a 35% DISCOUNT on ALL intensive treatments to any client with an active, standard Canopy Protection Program.

Intensive Treatments Include:
EAB injections
Tree Growth Regulators
Intensive fungicide programs
Aphid/honeydew control
Borer treatment plans for mature trees
Bio-Stimulants for mature trees
Safe-Shield™ Organic Mosquito & Tick Control Program
Winter Protection Program


Interested in getting your weekends back while still maintaining the health of your landscape?

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