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Seasonal tree care is extremely important. Depending on the season, your trees will require different treatments and care. Proactive care protects plants from seasonal dangers. These dangers may come things such as extreme weather, insects, or diseases. Below is a quick guide to help you navigate your seasonal tree care.

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Winter Tree Care (December-February)

Spray anti-desiccants on evergreens. Anti-Desiccants prevent windburn (brown needles) by reducing the amount of moisture lost through the leaves pores.

Prune while the tree is dormant. Winter is the best time to trim trees. Tree trimming while trees are dormant allows them to heal better and not be exposed to insects/diseases. It also stimulates flower growth.

Wrap your young & newly planted trees. Wrapping your trees can protect them from sun scald. Sun scald is a common ailment for young or thin-barked trees in winter. It causes the tree bark to dry and crack.

Prevent deer damage. Deer damage exceeds $2 Billion annually. Deer also cause accidents, attack, & bring ticks to your property. Protect your trees & shrubs from deer browsing, feeding, & male rutting with a deer protection program.

Avoid rock salt or ice melts. Sodium Chloride dehydrates tree’s roots & needles. Remove what salt you can see & water your tree to flush out the soil & its system. Or opt for Magnesium chloride melts instead.

Remove heavy snow from branches. With heavy snow, gently brush the snow off the branches in upward strokes. For upper branches, GENTLY use a broom in an upward sweeping motion. Don’t shake branches or brush downwards or they may snap.

Inspect trees annually. Winter, when leaves are off the tree, is a great time for inspection. Inspections can spot structural issues that could be dangerous.

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Fertilize to stimulate root growth. Fertilizing trees is one of the best ways to keep them healthy. Applying fertilizer in the spring will introduce nutrients and improve plant growth.

Spray to prevent fungal diseases.The cool moist weather of spring creates a perfect breeding ground for fungal infection and diseases like Anthracnose, Root Rot, & Leaf Spot. Invest in preventive sprays to keep your trees from being infected.

Invest in a year-long plant health care plan.Spring is when all the tree diseases and pests begin to emerge. Prevent these pests & keep your property healthy from Spring- Fall by investing in a year-long plant health care plan.

Mulch (2-3 inches deep, not touching the base of the tree).Mulching provides a series of benefits. Mulch retains soil moisture, promotes organic matter development, and prevents soil compaction.

Water to keep plants hydrated. In spring, trees and shrubs are pushing out new growth. To be successful they need to stay properly hydrated. Watering will also flush out their system if they’ve been exposed to ice melts/rock salt.

Adjust procedures appropriately to prevent excessive water from overwatering.

Protect you & your family from mosquitoes.Mosquitoes and ticks bring deadly diseases, like Zika, West Nile, and Lyme, into your property. Protect your family with an Organic Mosquito & Tick Control Program.

Watch for tree & shrub pests.The warm weather of spring activates lots of insects and diseases that can damage your trees & shrubs. Keep an eye out for damage so you can catch these pests early.

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Summer Tree Care (June-August)

Inject the trunks of elm & ash trees.Early summer is the time to protect your Elms from Dutch Elm Disease & your Ash from Emerald Ash Borer. Preventive trunk injections are the best way to fight these ailments.

Prune dead, dying, & diseased branches. Dead, dying, and diseased branches are a danger to people and property. These are often the limbs that break and fall during summer storms. Make sure to prune these before they fall.

Re-apply mulch if needed.Heavy rains and foot traffic can sometimes wash away mulch. Check to make sure your mulch is 2-3 inches thick. If not, you will need to re-apply some mulch.

Water to keep plants hydrated. In summer, trees and shrubs are faced with high temperatures. Keep them hydrated by watering once a week. To water, put your hose on a dribble, place it in the Critical Root Zone, and leave it for 2-3 hours. Repeat 2 times.

Protect your property from mosquitoes.Mosquitoes and ticks bring deadly diseases like Zika, West Nile, and Lyme, into your property. Protect your family with an Organic Mosquito & Tick Control Program.

Watch for tree & shrub pests.The warm summer weather helps tree bugs reach high population levels quickly. Act fast if you notice a problem, or your trees will have extensive damage.

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Fall Tree Care (September-November)

Fertilize to prepare your tree’s roots. Fertilizing is one of the best ways to keep your trees healthy. Applying in the fall helps protect the tree from winter damage.

Rake to remove fallen tree leaves. Disease causing fungi love to hide and overwinter in a tree’s fallen leaves. Raking these leaves & removing them will limit your tree’s chances of contracting a disease.

Plant new trees during fall. Fall is the best time to plant new trees. With cooler temperatures, there is less chance of the new tree dying from sun scorch or drought.

Mulch 2-3 inches deep around trees.Mulching insulates a tree’s root system, helping protect it from the approaching cold of late fall and winter. It also helps the soil retain moisture and organic matter.

Water to keep plants hydrated.Although the summer heat has passed your tree can still suffer drought stress. Make sure your trees are hydrated. Adjust procedures appropriately to prevent excessive water from overwatering.

Prep for winter by treating, pruning, and cabling. To keep your tree’s needles from turning brown apply Anti-Desiccants. To prep for winter storms, prune deadwood and cable your trees for support (if needed).

Inspect trees annually. Late fall, when leaves are off the tree, is a great time for inspection. Inspections can spot structural issues that could be dangerous.

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Make sure your trees are beautiful and healthy in every season with these seasonal tree care tips.

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We believe the best intervention is prevention.

Guarantee the health and beauty of the ornamental plants on your property; protect them from insects, disease, harsh weather conditions, over- or under-watering, soil compaction, and other stressors.

Designed by our certified arborists and tree service experts to provide the best ongoing, proactive, expert care for your trees and shrubs.

Once you’ve put your plant health care needs in our hands, you can relax. If any issues arise, we will spot them and either take care of them on the spot or schedule additional service.

EAB injections | Tree Growth Regulators | Intensive fungicide programs | Aphid/honeydew control | Borer treatment plans for mature trees | Bio-Stimulants for mature trees | Winter Protection Program

Other Services

RTEC Tree Care is a full service tree health care and maintenance provider in Maryland, Virginia, and DC.

Tree Pruning

RTEC specialists bring proper training, the right equipment, and compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI.) We hire ISA Certified Arborists who know the proper cuts.

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A tree with two or more large leads can be unstable and can cause damage to your property. We provide a support structure in the form of high-strength cables that help to stabilize the tree. This prevents further injury to the tree, and can even guide a mature, healthy tree to grow in the right direction.

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Bio Stimulants

This all-natural alternative to fertilizer–like a multivitamin for your trees—is recommended twice a year for any tree or woody shrub. It can armor the plant, leaving it more resistant to disease, pests, or challenging weather conditions. You can expect no danger of overuse as is the case with ordinary fertilizers.

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Once again, RTEC has done a great job. The team showed up right on time and performed all the work that we agreed to. They coordinated with us and made recommendations concerning ongoing support for our trees. They thoroughly cleaned up the debris and left our yard in pristine condition. WELL DONE.

Kenton Morgan

We have used RTEC Treecare for several years. They do excellent work. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and take great care in explaining the various options available for your particular situation. I highly recommend them.

Dennis Bruns

Very professional review of our requirements and an accurate estimate. Showed up on time and were finished quickly. Cleaned up all of the debris and sawdust. Great job all around.

Grey Burkhart

Very good work while ensuring that I was aware of status of my work order and planned completion.

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