BunnyRecently in Tacoma Park, Maryland, the use of cosmetic lawn pesticides has been banned. These pesticides on private properties have led to health and environmental concerns. Supporters of the pesticide ban say it will help protect residents, especially children, and the environment from unnecessary exposure. At this time, it is suspected that these pesticides are carcinogenic or endocrine disruptors.  Many fear these pesticides are making their way into local waterways as pesticides pollute nearby watersheds like the Chesapeake Bay. Pesticides can travel easily whether it is on the bottom of your shoes or the wind, which can carry it up to 2 miles.  However Tacoma Park is just one area. The issue of banning these harmful chemicals will take time. That does not mean it is not possible to maintain a healthy, safe yard. There are treatments available that are people and environmental friendly. RTEC Treecare utilizes these treatments that are biostimulant, which is a compose tea, instead of using chemical heavy treatments full of nitrogen. We pride ourselves on providing effective solutions without negative impacts on natural habitats. While it may take time before the D.C. and Northern Virginia area start banning harmful pesticides, know RTEC Treecare is ahead of the pack.  You do not have to wait to start making an impact and setting a positive example.

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