Plant Health Care Tech

Plant Health Care Technicians

RTEC is an environmentally friendly and conscious company that focuses on the care of trees, starting with the roots. As leaders in the industry, RTEC focuses on ways to improve client’s trees, property, and protect the environment. RTEC’s diverse plant health care services consist of eco-friendly products, innovative technology, and effective plant health care solutions.

Plant Health Care Tech Position

Plant Health Care Technicians provide services for residential, commercial, and government properties. Work performed is compliant with ANSI, OSHA, and state regulations regarding pesticides or treatments.

Plant Health Care Technicians must have the ability to diagnosis insect and disease issues and perform services to maintain their health. A leading PHC tech has the ability to learn and grow and can assist the company with programs that will increase quality and production.Technicians are provided with training and programs to acquire proper licensing.

Company Culture

Why is working at RTEC is different than somewhere else? Because each employee is valued for their attributes, hard work, and dedication to the business.

The RTEC Package For Plant Health Care Technicians:

Our motto is “Doing the Right Thing for People, Trees, and the Environment”.  This is our commitment for every interaction or decision we make whether it is involving clients, industry professionals, or our own employees. Our culture and performance has positioned our company as one of the area’s leading tree service providers. Here at RTEC you’ll receive:

  • Highly equipped and trained teams that focus on safety, quality, and doing the right thing.
  • Excellent pay and benefits
    • 401(k) Saving Plan/Retirement Plans
    • Health Insurance
    • Vacation &  Personal Time Off Pay
    • Sick Leave
  • A safe, stable, and dependable (Year Round) work environment.
  • Independence and flexibility.
  • Training and career advancement opportunities.
  • Recognition and rewards for exceptional performance.
  • Excellent administrative support so you can focus on serving the customer.
  • A high-tech working environment that embraces new technology and best practices.
  • Stable & Rapidly Growing Business.