SDDSFGWETrees provide great curb appeal and increase the interest of a house.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal and the Huffington Post published articles on how trees can do more for your pocket. The Wall Street Journal showcased a study in Portland, Oregon where homes with trees planted between the sidewalk and street, known as street trees, sold for $7,130 more, on average, than a tree-less home. The Huffington Posts added that a cooling bill could be reduced by up to 50% and the need for heating cost reduced by 20 to 50 %.

Similarly, HGTV hosted a feature explaining how homes with trees not only carry a higher price but quicker sales. The higher price tags result from more than just curb appeal to buyers. Street trees have shown an association with cleaner air, less energy consumption, and lower crime. Privacy is a highly valued feature that trees provide in a visually appealing way if they have been maintained properly.

In case you are thinking of selling your home, remember what a healthy tree can do for your value. Find out how RTEC Treecare can help. Contact us at 703-573-3029.

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