Leaf Recycling: Should I rake my leaves, or leaf them alone?

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Before you head out to the shed, reconsider breaking out that leaf blower and rake. 

That’s right. While it may come from the best of intention wanting to leave your lawn better than you found it, in most cases, you’re fine leaving it as is. Environmental specialist recommend leaving your leaves where they lie. But why? As opposed to raking up all of those leaves, leaf them alone. Similarly to a Bio-Stimulant, existing nutrients like nitrogen and organic matter from those fallen leaves re-enters your tree’s system. Your winter grass will love it too!

Leaves can benefit your lawn in a number of ways…

  • Preserving moisture in the soil
  • Protecting your tree’s root system

Mulching your leaves also benefits surrounding wildlife. Insects depend on leaf litter in the winter to provide protective habitats and food. Later, those insects become winter food for other animals like birds and frogs. If you still feel compelled to get out in your yard, pick up the rake to spread the love by distributing your leaves to parts of the yard that may benefit from a little more nutrients.

This practice does not only help your backyard oasis, but also works to reduce greenhouse gases and limits waste. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 8.7 million tons of yard trimmings, including leaves, ended up in landfills in 2017. In some cases, there are rules and regulations surrounding the ability to leave your leaves where they are. Check to see if your county has a recycling or composting program. When all is said and done; if you can leave those leaves alone, do it! If you can’t, recycle!

Want more information on natural ways you can help your tree? Check out our calendar and book a consultation with our Certified Arborist!

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