Crew Foreman Job

Foreman Job

Responsible for setting the precedence for all of his/her crewmembers. Assuring all tasks related to maintenance, pruning, trimming, and felling are executed safely and properly. Some duties include:

  • Responsible for designating on site duties and procedures to the crew before the commencement of any work and that every crewmember understands. He/She must establish a safe/suitable area within the work site to stage equipment; gas up saws, safety bag and first aid kit.
  • Responsible for not permitting his/her staff to work when they consider it unsafe to work, whether it is site conditions, adverse weather conditions, they may be unfit or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. When he/she prevents a staff member from working they must report this action to the General Manager as soon as possible.
  • Responsible for ensuring that all crew members work to the highest levels in Safety Quality and Production, e.g. Safe working procedures and ensuring that all crew members are wearing all of the necessary Personal Protective Equipment – PPE. He must also ensure that all crewmembers and general public are kept safe by setting up adequate traffic cones, tape and warning signs before any work commences.
  • Responsible for talking to the client on each and every job site on arrival and before any work commences and walking the job site with the client after the specified work has been completed. He must also have the ability to overcome any minor problems that may occur on job sites related to the clients concerns or demands, or immediately report them to the relevant sales representative.
  • Responsible for reading and clearly understanding the work specifications on each and every job work order before starting any work on the client property, any questions should be directed towards the relevant sales representative.