How to Choose the Best Tree Service

how to choose the best tree service northern vaHow to Choose the Best Tree Service Company in the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC area can be daunting. There are hundreds of tree service companies that are in your area. They range from a one-man operation to a national level organization.

But how do you know who to choose?

Your money, your time, and your property are valuable.  We recommend you get at least 2 written proposals by professional tree care companies. Taking a verbal proposal can be a risk to you. Have a written contract before your work begins. This will ensure that the price is legitimate and it won’t suddenly change on your once the work starts.

To Choose the Best Tree Service ask the questions below:

  1. Do they have a real address and not just a PO Box?
  2. Do they have a local number and not just a 1-800 number?
  3. Have you checked them on the web to see if they really exist?
  4. Do they have a website?
  5. Do they have a business card with their information and name on it?
  6. Can they show you proof of insurance (liability and work comp)? If they do not have insurance you may be liable for damages and injuries.
  7. Can you call their references?
  8. Do you have to pay upfront? A professional company will bill you upon completion of services.
  9. Do they ask you to write the check out to them and not a company? This may be a sign of tax evasion.
  10. Are they are certified arborists? The International Society of Arboriculture has lists of Certified Arborists and Credentials. If they claim to be, check them out at
  11. Are they members of the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) which hold its members accountable for bad tree work? If they claim to be, check them out:

The Best Tree Service Resources:

It’s important to choose the best tree service for your needs. The Tree Care Industry Association’s website has the best resources to ensure that you receive quality work by professional tree care companies.  The Tree Care Industry Association also provides an accreditation process for professional tree care companies. Accreditation is the only business practices and compliance audit program for tree care companies in America.

The TCIA Accreditation program is built on the threefold foundation of ethics, quality, and consumer confidence. Accredited tree care companies employ staff trained in tree biology and the proper methods used to keep trees and shrubs healthy. They can identify diseases and pests that threaten the well-being of trees and shrubs as well as the defects that could cause harm. Sometimes these defects are hidden inside the trunk, root system, or high in the crown. It takes a trained expert to recognize all the possible hazards.

10 thoughts on “How to Choose the Best Tree Service”

  1. Maggie Allen says:

    These are some great questions! My husband and I have an olive tree that isn’t looking too good, so we need to find a trimming service as soon as possible. When I start narrowing down my options, I’ll definitely ask them all of the questions. However, if I do my research online, I probably won’t have to ask question #4.

  2. emily bennette says:

    Choosing a tree service does seem like a very difficult thing to do. I like that you pointed out that you should ask if you can call their references. That does seem like a fast way to figure out if they are proud of the work they do. I wouldn’t want to have to worry about if the company I hired will be destroying my yard or home when servicing my trees.

  3. Shad Morris says:

    There is a pretty big tree in our back yard that is starting to make me a little nervous, and we were thinking about getting it taken care of. I love that you say to check and see if they have a website. That way, we will be able to learn a little more about them.

  4. Bryan Porter says:

    Nice article. It’s hard to find best services around Brisbane southside. But the good checklist. I already make one checklist

  5. Cindy Tesler says:

    I agree that you should get at least two written proposals from professional tree service companies. I also liked that you mentioned asking if they have a real address or just a PO box. I think it’s a good idea to choose a tree company that can also do yard maintenance so that you have one company taking care of your whole yard

  6. Tom Vanburg says:

    Fantastic list! Thank you putting it together. I’ve made a mistake of not doing my research and ended up getting screwed by a company who had a pretty bad reputation. Anyways… I’ll definitely ask these questions in the future.

  7. Olivia Nelson says:

    I agree that you would want to find a tree trimming service that has a website. I would imagine that an online presence would give them an added layer of legitimacy. This would ensure that whoever you hire will be legitimate and experienced.

  8. Baxter Abel says:

    I appreciate your tip to make sure that you can call the references that tree service companies provide you with. I also like that you included the tip to make sure they tree service company can show proof of insurance. Thanks for the tips, I’ll keep them in mind the next time we need to hire a tree service company.

  9. Olivia Nelson says:

    I agree that you would want to call a tree removal service’s references before you choose them. I would imagine that finding someone with actual references would ensure they are professionals. I’m looking to take down a few trees in my yard so I’ll be sure to find someone who has references I can contact to hire.

  10. Ridley Fitzgerald says:

    These are some great tips for hiring a good tree service. I like how you said to look at the Tree Care Industry Association’s website. I didn’t even know that was a thing, but now I do!

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