4 Essentials For Soil Health

4 Essentials For Soil Health

Soil is one of the most important but most commonly overlooked component when it comes to the health and maintenance of a tree or shrub. Overtime soil issues can cause an overall drop in your tree’s health, increased susceptibility to pests, early leaf drop, and discoloration of leaves. The most common of these issues include soil compaction, lack of nutrients, girdling roots, and lack of moisture. To prevent these issues and keep your soil healthy follow our 4 essentials for soil health below.

1. Bio-Stimulants:

4 Essentials Of Soil Health

Bio-stimulants are one of the best things you can do to keep your tree’s soil healthy, stimulate root growth, and make your tree’s leaves greener. This organic mixture contains a natural blend of sugars, bacteria, humic acid, sea kelp extract, and good fungi. This mix is great for soil management because it naturally fertilizes the tree without throwing off the balance of the soil; unlike traditional fertilizers that can do more harm than good. By introducing this blend to the critical root zone it will re-establish good soil composition and act as a multi-vitamin for your tree. 

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2. Aeration/Vertical Mulching

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To combat and prevent compaction we suggest investing in aeration. Using high-velocity air tools and techniques, this process safely aerates the tree’s critical root zone (CRZ) loosening/de-compacting the soil. This creates macro and micropore space (space underground), making room for root growth and space for old roots to breathe. 

Vertical Mulching is also a great way to keep your soil healthy. This process is similar to Aeration but goes one step further. Vertical mulching uses the same high-velocity air tool, as Aeration/de-compaction does, but the technician creates holes every 2 to 3 inches in the critical root zone. These holes are then filled with organic matter which permeates improves the overall composition. 

Typically your soil will either receive aeration or vertical mulching; not both. Your Arborist will be able to advise you on which is best for your goals.

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3. Mulching

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One of the simplest and best ways to keep your soil healthy is through proper mulching. Mulching helps insulate the soil providing a buffer from extreme temperatures, prevent soil compaction, accumulate & keep more nutrients in the soil, and retain water keeping the roots moist during hot weather. Make sure to properly mulch your tree and to not create mulch volcanoes. Improper mulching can actually cause soil issues. 

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4. Watering

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Another simple option on this list that’s essential for soil health is watering. Dry soils are more likely to have issues especially when it comes to nutrients and compaction. By focusing on proper watering you can keep a lot of soil issues from arising as well as keeping your tree hydrated. Just make sure you don’t overwater your soil as that can cause soil issues as well. 

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If you follow these 4 essentials for soil health you give your tree a great foundation to grow and thrive. If you’re interested in keeping your tree’s soil healthy we can help. Give us a call at 703-573-3029 to schedule a consultation with an Arborist or book an appointment through our online scheduler. 

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