The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Your Favorite Trees & Shrubs

plant health care treatments are the best Christmas or holiday presents you can give this year

Are you anxiously counting down how many more days or weeks there are until the holidays? Are you on the hunt for the perfect Christmas or holiday presents for your loved ones?

There is a lot involved in the art of giving gifts. If you’re scrambling your mind to figure out how or what to give your friends and family this year, then you’re definitely not alone.

But what about the friends and family you have in your landscape – your trees and shrubs? Your plants can participate in the holiday gift exchange too! Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a gift guide of plant health care treatments so you can spoil your trees and shrubs this holiday season (and help make your shopping adventure a little bit easier!). 

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For Your Older Trees That Have Seen It All

  • Borer Treatments: Tree borers are currently on the search for trees to bore into. You can help your older trees prevent borer infestation by gifting them with a borer spray treatment, before they’re found and infested this winter.
  • Tree Growth Regulator (TGR): As much as you would like them to, big trees can’t easily control their growth. They have little choice in crowding into your deck, window, or powerlines. Gifting your big trees with a TGR this year will almost seem like a selfish present because while it enhances their development and promotes optimal health for them, it also saves you time, energy and money through benefits like less frequent needs for tree trimming!  
  • Tree Trimming Service: If your trees do need trimming, there is no better time of the year than now. Your trees will appreciate the gift as the work will be much more precise, clean, and complete. Any structural defects they’re currently dealing with will be found and dealt with appropriately; they’ll thank you for your wise choice!

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dormant tree great for trimming

For Your Superb Shrubs & Ornamentals

  • Shrub Growth Regulator: Your shrubs are vastly aware of the attention they grab from visitors and neighbors (after all, they’re directly in the line of sight). You can keep them looking and feeling good by supplying them with a Shrub Growth Regulator this holiday season. Less stress, better health, and greener leaves for a longer time who would say no to a gift like that?
  • Shrub Trimming Service: The first part of the present is remembering to say no to shearing – it stresses the shrub and makes it look unnatural! Through pruning and its innate selective thinning technique, your shrub can get rid of unhealthy plant, maintain or improve health, and stay happily supporting and decorating your landscape long-term.
  • Canopy Protection Program: Our Canopy Protection Program is the ultimate proactive approach to preventatively caring for your shrubs & ornamentals. Your leafy friends will love the boost in protection, safety, appearance, and general health. Through a customized plan and scheduled monitoring and maintenance by our Certified Arborists, your shrubs and ornamental trees will be grateful for the extensive care.
shrubs or bushes by front door great candidates for plant health care treatments

For Your Evergreens That Are There For You Every Day

  • Dormant oil spray: Just like you, your Evergreen trees aren’t a big fan of bugs. You can keep your Evergreens healthy and away from overwintering insects by treating them with a dormant oil spray. After the application, they’ll be better protected against the not-so-pretty aftermath the tree bugs can bring. This means less suffering for them.
  • Winter Protection Program: Your Evergreens are anxiously awaiting the dry air and wind that will inevitably sweep across the area in the upcoming months. In the winter season, their roots need to exert more energy into saving their leaves and needles from browning and dying. You can assist their root systems and get rid of the destructive cycle by treating them with anti-desiccants – that way they won’t have to wait in fear of winter burn!
evergreen trees with a few suffering from unsightly winter burn

Not sure which treatment is best? Biostimulants are the master gift – the all-natural plant multivitamin is great for all trees! The organic treatment is one of the top recommendations by our Certified Arborists, as it will nourish your plant, boost its immune system, and keep it flourishing.

Giving gifts can be fun – your plants would love to be part of the experience with you!

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