3 Plant Species That Symbolize Love: Did yours make the list?

What comes to your mind when you think of Valentines Day? Flowers, chocolate, teddy bears?

If you answered flowers, many people would agree with you. But what about the tree or shrub they come from? Don’t they deserve some appreciation too?

Each plant species holds a special meaning. In this article, we discuss three tree or shrub species that have symbolized love for generations.

cherry trees that symbolize love

1. Cherry Trees

Meaning: Love, Rebirth, Adoration

Do you remember your first love? For many people, they’re hard to forget. This essence is captured in cherry trees.

Thanks to the sweet taste of a cherry, the cherry fruit tree has been described as the “first taste of love.”

Similarly, cherry blossoms are often thought of as a symbol of reincarnation. This meaning is captured in annual cherry blossom festivals which celebrate the new beginning.

Tying the sweet “first taste of love” to the symbol of rebirth, cherry blossom trees can be seen as beautiful representations of budding romance, and for good reason.

pink crepe myrtle trees that symbolize love

2. Crepe Myrtle Trees

Meaning: Marriage, prosperity, fortune

You may know crepe myrtles as being one of the most popular tree species in the DC Metro area, but did you know they’re sacred to a goddess? And not just any goddess, but Aphrodite herself, the Greek goddess of love.

In fact, it’s believed crepe myrtle branches were a part of many goddess’s crowns. And the symbolism doesn’t stop there. The meaning behind crepe myrtles has lasted into modern day, as their flowers are often found in wedding bouquets. A recent example of this? Duchess Kate Middleton (and every royal bride preceding her!).

jasmine shrubs and vines not a but that symbolize love

3. Jasmine Shrubs & Vines

Meaning: Sensuality, respect, beauty

Just like cherry trees, jasmine shrubs and vines hold a variety of meanings. In Thailand, they represent motherhood; in the Philippines, they signify respect; in Hawaii, their flowers are beautifully woven into leis. Yet, despite their differences, there is often one recurring theme: love.

Among all the senses, scent is the only one with the unique power of reminding us of special memories. This factor alone might be exactly why jasmine shrubs & vines are on this list: their recognizable aroma literally exudes the feeling of romance.

Honorary Mention: Eastern Redbud Trees & Shrubs

While these trees & shrubs don’t necessarily symbolize love, just take a look at the leaves that are on them! What do you see?

redbud blossoms on tree that symbolize love through heart shaped leaves

To close, here’s a special holiday rhyme:

While not every Valentines Day is promised to be the same, one thing has always been true: RTEC Treecare is home to tree geeks who love their trees, and we hope you do too!

This Valentines Day, be sure to show your trees and ornamentals how much you care about them. Wondering where to start? Check out our Canopy Protection Program!

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