Shrub Growth Regulators: Slow Plant Growth Wins the Race

Believe it or not, shrubs very quickly catch attention. This is because they’re directly in the line of sight, which makes them an important asset for many homeowners. On the other hand, overgrown shrubs can lead to safety and security issues as well as worsened health for the plant, all the while providing an eyesore in landscapes. 

As discussed in last week’s article on shrub trimming, there are several benefits to owning shrubs. And, as you may have learned, pruning, rather than shearing, is the better approach to trimming shrubs. That said, do you want to go one step further for shrub care? If so, the answer is shrub growth regulators.

Applying a shrub growth regulator will save you time and effort, but more importantly, your plants will thank you for it.

overgrown plant needs shrub growth regulator

well-grown shrub likely with shrub growth regulator

What is a Shrub Growth Regulator?

Faster is better, right? Well, not always. Shrub growth regulators remove what could be a marathon for plants. By slowing growth, shrubs can focus on their current assets. This often leads to stronger roots and healthier, greener leaves.

Plant protection and care is always of utmost importance – which makes it worth noting that shrub growth regulators don’t harm the plant. They don’t even affect blooming schedule! The organic compound simply adjusts the physiological process of the plant which allows it to grow healthier and sturdier.

Benefits of Shrub Growth Regulators

Slowing shrub growth makes life easier for both homeowners and plants themselves. The following are a few benefits they provide.

Shrub growth regulators:

  • Promote shrub health. As previously stated, applying shrub growth regulators is healthful for shrubs. And, by minimizing shrub stress, there is lower potential for diseases or pests.
  • Save time and energy. Because shrub growth is slowed, there are less frequent needs for pruning work. Shrub growth regulators often allow homeowners to delay pruning until after spring – which is especially great if they have a fully decked landscape. Considering the abundant weeds and to-be-planted flowers during this season, everyone loves one less thing to deal with.
  • Keep shrubs manicured for longer. Shrub growth regulators are great to apply right after trimming (aka when the plant looks its best). Not only do they keep shrubs from being overgrown, growth regulators reduce regrowth and help plants maintain their neat, compact appearance. Who wouldn’t want to cherish that darker green, clean appearance for longer?
before and after shrub growth regulator for plant
Photo by Rainbow Treecare

While the above benefits are tempting, Shrub growth regulators must be applied correctly to ensure they’re attained. Our Certified Arborists will be able to apply shrub growth regulators on your property properly and thoroughly to help your plants thrive.

For additional shrub care, consider our Canopy Protection Program. While shrub growth regulators will benefit your plants, the program will provide long-term proactive care for your landscape through constant monitoring by our Certified Arborists.

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