Canopy Protection Program


Total Tree and Shrub Care Program



Canopy Protection is a proactive approach to maintain tree and shrub health through the process of scheduled monitoring and preventative maintenance. It is supervised by a Certified Arborist.

While all trees and shrubs have their life span, they are naturally not conditioned for the urban environment. Our comprehensive plan allows us to diagnose and treat seasonal pests, as well as unexpected pest and disease outbreaks early to help your plants thrive.


A few benefits of our Canopy Protection Program include:

  • Safety: Routine inspections may find early warning signs of dangerous trees and branches.
  • Aesthetics: Canopy protection programs improve the health of plants and trees making their natural colors more vibrant and healthy looking.
  • Health: Canopy protection programs improve the health of your landscape making your trees and shrubs less susceptible to disease and insect infestations.
  • Human Health: Studies show being surrounded by healthy and mature trees & shrubs can improve the human immune system, decrease high blood pressure, lower obesity, and boost overall health.
  • Protect Your Investment: A healthy landscape can increase home values by 10% on average.

1.What is included in the inspection and monitor visit?

  • Seasonal treatments for key ornamental plants in the landscape to address the most common pests in our area.
  • A plant health care specialist will inspect/monitor all of the listed or key plant material throughout the landscape. Targeted treatments for incidental insects and diseases will occur if required.
  • We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) protocols to control the spread of insect and disease problems on your trees and shrubs. This IPM Approach ensures that treatments are performed at the most opportune time with the most environmentally responsible products and techniques. Not all insects are harmful; in fact many are actually beneficial to the health of your trees and shrubs.
  • If your property inspection results recommend an intensive treatment, you will be contacted by your Arborist before this additional work is performed.
  • Inspection/treatment times may vary due to climatic factors.


2. What is not included?

  • Intensive treatments are not included.
    • (Treatments which target high population of insects, invasive pest treatments, cultural and root issues. Growth regulators and soil and root care treatments are considered intensive treatments.)
  • Mature tree treatments are not included.
    • Examples: Oak borer treatments, Aphid treatments on mature trees (to address honeydew symptoms), etc.
  • An active Canopy Protection Program provides a benefit of having access to all intensive and mature tree treatments at a 35% discounted rate.


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