Eastern Tent Caterpillar: Webs In Your Trees

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Eastern Tent Caterpillar Webs

Be on the look out for Eastern Tent Caterpillars in your landscape! Our Arborists warn that we will start seeing lots of Eastern Tent Caterpillars in the upcoming weeks. These caterpillars are a species of moth that emerge in their larvae state during spring and summer months.

These hairy insects, with areas of blue, white, black, and orange, are social species that form communal nests in the branches of trees and shrubs. These communal nests look a lot like spider webs and the caterpillars in them can easily defoliate your trees and bushes.

Eastern Tent Caterpillars Target These Trees:

Eastern Tent Caterpillars affect most species of deciduous trees including maples, willows, and poplars; however, our Arborists suggest keeping a close eye on your Cherry and Crab Apple trees.

Signs & Symptoms:

  • Rapid Defoliation
  • Easily spread to other shrubs & trees
  • Silky nests in the crotches of branches (Sometimes referred to as webs or tents)
  • Dark colored larvae visible on the tree and in the nests

Need Help With Eastern Tent Caterpillars?

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Eastern Tent Caterpillar Treatment:Tent Caterpillar

DIY: If there is only a small amount of tent caterpillars, manually removing their tents may help slow or stop the infestation. Tents can be removed by winding them around the end of a broomstick or pole. Caterpillars in the tents can be hand-picked and dropped into soapy water.

Professional Treatment: If the infestation is too far along to manually remove, or if you rather not touch the caterpillars, professional application of insecticides can help rid your trees and shrubs of Eastern Tent Caterpillars.

What Now?

Canopy Protection Members, you can rest assured our Arborists and technicians will spot any Eastern Tent Caterpillar problems during routine inspections. If you are noticing any of these symptoms mentioned above feel free to reach out to us so we can adjust your inspection schedule if necessary.

If you think your tree has Eastern Tent Caterpillars don’t wait, schedule a tree care consultation with one of our Certified Arborists through our Online Booking System or by calling 703.573.3029.

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