5 Tree-Related Activities To Keep You & Your Children Entertained

During this health crisis, take a break from the indoors and spend some time in your yard. Looking for new ways to enjoy your yard? You’re in luck! We’ve created a list of things you can do in your yard that will help you enjoy your landscape, pass the time, and take care of your trees/shrubs.

1. Get Up Close A Personal With Your Trees

While we’re advised to stay 6 feet away from others, we can still get up close and personal with our trees. In fact, spending time around your trees and nature can even boost your immune system.

Easy ways to spend time close to your tree include:

  • Reading a book under your tree.
  • Set up a family picnic under your tree.
  • Do yoga or a workout near your tree. Pro Tip: Use your tree instead of a wall when doing wall sits!
  • Take a conference call while sitting under your tree.

2. Tree Inspection – Look Closely At Your Tree

Now that you’re spending more time around your tree take the time to look closely at your tree’s trunk and branches. Looking closely at your trees can actually catch a lot of structural issues before they cause major problems. Before the leaves come back fully, this is a great time to do a visual inspection of your tree. Not sure what to look for? Check out our blog 8 Signs Your Tree is a Safety Hazard.


Spring brings an influx of insects. So why not make a game out of it and have your kids hunt for insects in your yard! With kids out of school, this could be a great learning opportunity as well. You can discuss the difference between beneficial insects and insects that are harmful to trees/shrubs. Take a look below to see which insects you should look for.

And don’t forget to make an appointment with your Arborist if you spot any of the harmful insects on the list below.

Click image to download pdf

4. Check Your Trees/Shrubs for Signs of Fungi

The warm days, cold nights, and moist weather of early spring days, like the weather the DC Metro area has been experiencing this spring, creates the perfect breeding ground for fungal diseases. While out in your yard check your trees and shrubs for the common signs of fungal diseases.

Signs of Fungal Diseases:

  • Mushrooms at the base of the tree
  • Irregular patches of brown and black discoloration on leaf
  • Black pimples
  • Blotches along leaf vein
  • Cankers on the twigs and branches
  • Distorted areas on leaves
  • Early leaf drop
  • Discoloration of bark/trunk

Learn what common tree fungi to look out for.

5. Tree Identification – GREAT ACTIVITY FOR KIDS

Not sure what species your trees or shrubs are? Why not spend some time figuring it out with your kids. There are many different websites and apps that can help you identify what type of tree is in your yard.

Arbor Day Foundation’s “What Tree” quiz is an illustrated, step-by-step process makes it easy to identify a tree simply by the kinds of leaves it produces.

Leaf-ID.com asks you questions then lets you browse pictures of tree leaves to compare to your tree’s.

Virginia Tech’s Tree ID app has you enter your location and ask qualify questions about the tree to help you identify what species your tree is. The app also includes thousands of pictures of leaves, flowers, fruit, and branches to make it easier to identify your tree.

For Apple users, the Leafsnap app is a great Tree ID app that lets you snap a photo of the tree in question’s leaf to help with identification.

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