3 Ways We Can Make Your Life Easier

Tree ServiceAre you tired of watching your dollars and time spent on your landscape dry up and blow away in the wind? You’re not alone; homeowners all over the DC metro area are finding they don’t have the time to spend on maintaining their landscape and that their dollars are more successful in achieving their goal when they hire a professional tree care company. The truth is, you have better things to do than spend your weekend pruning and wasting your money on at home DIY treatments. Let us proactively take care of your trees and shrubs so you can spend your time enjoying your favorite activities.

Time & Money Wasters In Your Landscape:

  1. Shrub Pruning: Shrub pruning can seem like a simple task but after a long work week spending hours in your yard pruning isn’t what you want to do. Let our experts prune your shrubs the correct way and save you time in the process.
  2. Watering During Droughts & Hot Summer Days: Watering can take hours in order to effectively hydrate all your trees and shrubs. You have better things to do. Instead of wasting hours hydrating you landscape let us take care of your watering needs.
  3. Reacting To Insects & Diseases: When you wait for trees to show signs of insects & disease you end up wasting extra time booking an appointment and waiting for an arborist to come out and diagnose your tree. We offer Canopy Protection Programs which include routine visits to evaluate your property and treat for insects and diseases before your tree shows symptoms saving you time and money.
  4. DIY Treatments:Unfortunately, the chemicals sold at home improvement stores often don’t solve the problem and can make matters worse, ultimately wasting your time. When incorrectly applied you also risk poisoning your tree and killing surrounding plants and beneficial insects. This can lead to wasted dollars and expensive fixes. It’s best to trust the experts when it comes to chemical treatments.

How We Can Make Your Life Easier:

  1. Canopy Protection Program: Every landscape has different needs and every client different hoa logolandscape objectives. Our Certified Arborists will work with you to evaluate your landscape and concerns in order to create a custom canopy protection program that ensures that your property receives the best care. In general our canopy protection programs include a 50 point landscape inspection, regular monitoring, and seasonal treatments.
  2. Watering Service: Don’t have the time to spend hours watering your landscape? Inquire about adding watering services to your existing Canopy Protection Plan.
  3. Hassle Free Online Booking: No more playing phone tag or waiting for companies to respond to an inquiry form. Using our online appointment booking system you can schedule a time for an Arborist consultation in less than 5 minutes 24/7.

If you’re tired of spending hours on tree and shrub care or just want to make you life easier, RTEC is the solution. As our Canopy Protection Members already know our goal is for our clients to come home and enjoy their landscape instead of having to worry about tree and shrub maintenance.

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