3 Reasons Why You Need Tree Health Program

3 Reasons Why You Need A Tree Health Program

It may be difficult to imagine why you should invest in a year round tree health program instead of only contacting an Arborist when a problem occurs; however, a proactive tree health program is vital for the well-being of a landscape. This is why we have compiled 3 key reasons every landscape needs a tree health program.

1) Prevention Is Key

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The best time to stop safety risks, diseases, and insects is before they cause damage. This means your trees need to be regularly assessed for safety risks so that dangerous limbs can be removed before they fall on your home or cause injury. With our Canopy Protection Program a trained professional is on your property regularly to recognize safety risks before they have an opportunity to do damage. Like safety risks, it’s extremely important to catch insects & diseases before they infect/infest your tree. Our technicians know what trees are vulnerable to which pests and can proactively treat them to stop infection/infestation before it occurs, similar to a flu vaccine.

2) Protect Your InvestmentFront yard of a house

Pruning is a great investment for your tree’s health and a healthy landscape can increase home values by 10% on average. Generally speaking, a mature tree needs to be pruned every 3 years. By incorporating a year round, proactive tree health program into your regular tree maintenance you ensure your pruning investment lasts by keeping your tree healthy and protected from dangerous insects and diseases. Without a proactive program, you risk losing your investment and decreasing your home value if a damaging pest comes along and kills your tree.

3) You’re BusyTwo Hands Leaf Dead and Alive

We know you have better things to do than remember when your trees/shrubs need treated for a certain disease. So why not let us make sure your landscape receives the maintenance it needs when it needs it? With our Canopy Protection Program you don’t have to worry about anything; our Arborists and technicians will be on your property on a regular basis, inspecting, monitoring, and treating your trees & shrubs to keep your landscape safe, beautiful, and healthy year round.

Don’t gamble with the health of your trees and shrubs. Protect your landscape, your investment, and your time by signing up for RTEC’s Canopy Protection Program.

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