Winter Storms

What damage does a winter storm do?

In recent years, winter in the DC area have become colder and stormier. These weather changes have impacted trees and shrubs tremendously with broken limbs, uprooting and severe leaning. Because of this, intervention is essential to keeping our landscapes thriving.


Our Winter Protection Program combats the stress put on trees and shrubs (especially evergreens) during the harsh winter season. The program includes a combination of Bio-Stimulant, Tree Growth Regulator, and Anti-Desiccant applications applied throughout the fall and winter season (combinations vary by tree species and landscape needs) . Additionally, it includes monitoring visits to determine the needs of the property.

Without A Winter Protection Program Homeowners can expect to see these winter stress symptoms:

  • Canopy Dieback
  • Salt Damage
  • Deadwood
  • Broken Limbs
  • Falling Trees
  • Windburn
  • Bark Discoloration
  • Insect Infestations & Disease
winter damage

RTEC’s Winter Protection Program combats the winter stress symptoms above as well as providing the added benefits listed below.

  • Prune Less Often
  • Improve resistance to environmental stress such as extreme temperatures, poor soil, drought, & flooding.
  • Keep trees from encroaching on structures & power lines
  • Lower maintenance costs: reduce related pruning, watering, and fertilizer costs.
  • Enhance root and foliage development
  • Improve tree’s ability to recover from disease & insect damage
  • Decrease tree’s susceptibility  to diseases & insects

How do I obtain RTEC’s Winter Protection Program?

Schedule a consultation with a certified arborist to find out what your customized winter protection program would look like.

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