White Peach Scale On Cherry Trees

White Peach Scale On Cherry TreeAre you starting to notice white, cottony masses on the bark of your Cherry trees? An insect called White Peach Scale is most likely to blame. Although the insect can affect other hosts such as lilac, privet, catalpa, dogwood, and walnut, our Arborists report seeing White Peach Scale mostly on a wide variety of Cherry trees this past week.

Signs And Symptoms Of White Peach Scale:White Peach Scale

  • Foliage of infested trees may become sparse and yellow.
  • Fruit size may be reduced and premature drop is likely to occur.
  • Heavy infestations can result in the death of twigs, branches, and even trees.
  • In severe cases, insects appear as white, cottony masses encrusting the bark of the tree.
  • Insects on bark of tree: White, yellowish white, or grayish white with a yellow or reddish spot.


Although White Peach Scale can be damaging, we can help stop them in their tracks and prevent them from destroying your cherry trees through a specialized treatment program.

Canopy Protection Members, you can rest assured our Arborists and technicians will spot any white peach scale problems during routine inspections. If you are noticing any of these symptoms mentioned above feel free to reach out to us so we can adjust your inspection schedule if necessary.

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