When To Trim Bushes & Trees

A question we get asked a lot is when to trim bushes & trees, and whether tree trimming & shrub trimming can be performed in the winter. The truth is, although trees and shrubs are generally forgotten during winter, the dormant season is typically the optimal time to prune and inspect your bushes and trees. Check out the video below for a guideline on when to prune certain species based on your goals. For the majority of species and for the goal of overall health, increased growth, and flower production; Winter is the answer to the question of when to trim bushes and trees.

When To Trim Bushes & Trees

When To Prune: Can You Tell The Difference Between Alive Branches & Dead Ones In Winter?

Many homeowners are concerned that during winter pruning tree service companies will not be able to tell the difference between live and dead branches since they can not use leaves as an indicator. Although most homeowners aren’t able to tell the difference, Certified Arborists will be able to distinguish dead branches from live branches even if there are no leaves on the tree. In fact not having leaves on the tree actually, makes it easier to spot risky branches and issues.

When To Trim BushesWhen To Prune: Benefits To Pruning In Winter

In winter branch defects and structural issues are plainly visible with the absence of leaves. In the cold months, dead branches and structural issues in large shade trees can be easily identified and properly pruned. Furthermore, when selective pruning of live branches is necessary for the health and appearance of your bushes and trees, the dormant season is the best time of year for such actions to take place.

Maintenance efforts in your trees now can pay off big come the stormy seasons ahead when the winds start to blow.  The old adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” suits this well.  Why not let one of our arborists inspect your tree today and prescribe a fitting management solution to help keep your property safe and your trees at their healthiest?

Common winter tree and shrub management prescriptions include:

  • Hazard reduction and maintenance pruning
  • Support cable installation to provide supplemental support (where applicable)
  • Identification of insect and disease pest symptoms (so that timely prescriptive solutions can be implemented at appropriate points in the year)
  • Root flare evaluation (over mulching and buried root collars are one of the biggest negative issues we encounter in many landscapes)  these situations can normally be corrected to stop the vascular damage to your tree
  • Plant Healthcare Evaluations (our Arborists can quickly assess your landscape and plantings and develop a customized Canopy Protection Program to provide timely care for all your trees and shrubs throughout the year.  A worry free way to know that the right thing is being done on your property to care for your trees and shrubs.

A simple answer to the question, When to trim bushes & trees? Is Winter.

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