Vertical Mulching: Lets get to the root of our tree’s needs

A Matter of Life and Breath

As the holidays near many families and friends gather together, oftentimes over a warm and nutritious meal. Now, imagine the dismay and chaos that would arise if there were no forks to eat the turkey, or cups for spiced cider. These utensils serve as vehicles to take in that delicious nourishment. A tree’s root system similarly serves as that vehicle to uptake nutrients and minerals to the rest of the tree. This can be difficult when the ground is tightly compacted. It would be like drinking water from a straw that was blocked by a lemon seed — nothing would be able to get through.

The ground we walk on is half composed of soil, made up of minerals and organic matter. The other half consist of pour spaces. Stored within those poor spaces are water and air. The more we walk on, or drive on the ground, the more compact it becomes. When this compression happens the soil has less access to that air and water.

This poses the question: What can be done to create that necessary space?

Vertical Mulching!

Vertical mulching works to condition hard soils. This alleviates compaction problems by providing increased oxygen and moisture to penetrate below the surface to the fibrous roots.

Vertical mulching is different from your regular horizontal, or surface mulching. Vertical mulching is a practice that requires an air tool that is uniquely designed to remove soil without damaging your trees. This then creates holes in the ground that can thereafter be backfilled with organic matter. During this process we are not only improving the overall composition of the soil but we are also given a chance to assess the tree and identify any issues with the roots.

Soil and root treatment requires a professional. Luckily our team of certified arborists and tree experts at RTEC are here to help.

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