Tree Trimming Service

Tree Trimming Service 1Tree Trimming Services Offered

If you’re searching for “Tree Trimming Service Near Me” you’re in the right place! Here at RTEC, we offer proper tree pruning service.

These include weight reduction, maintenance pruning, vista pruning, crown reduction, formative pruning, hazard reduction, crown raising, cut back pruning, and fine tree trimming. All of these services provide a multitude of benefits to your landscape.

When it’s time to prune your trees, we will chip the wood, remove it from your property and make sure to clean up after ourselves so you don’t come home to a messy yard.

We Do Tree Trimming The Right Way

There are many tree service companies still in business that use outdated techniques that actually damage your trees. Unlike those companies, we make sure to abide by proper pruning techniques set forth by the Tree Care Industry, Association, International Society of Arboriculture and American National Standards Institute. Our pruning services maximize the health and safety of your tree.

tree trimming service 2Make Sure You’re Comparing Apples to Apples

If you are receiving multiple service bids, you may come across a quote that is greatly lower than the others. It’s tempting to automatically go with the cheaper company, but that may be a mistake. Typically when one company comes in dramatically lower than others it means they are quoting you with a different service.

To most homeowners tree trimming is tree trimming, but in the Arboriculture industry, there are more than seven types of pruning services. Each of these services require a different number of branches to be removed. So the companies with the more expensive quotes may be quoting you for an intensive all-around maintenance tree trimming; whereas the cheaper company may be quoting you for a light touch-up trimming.

Avoid vague estimates such as “Pruning Cuts – $700.” Instead, ask your Arborist what type of tree pruning techniques they are quoting you for and have them explain what types of branches will be removed in this pruning.

Tree Trimming Service Cost

The cost will differ depending on crown spread, accessibility, tree’s diameter at breast height (dbh), and maintenance history.

DIY Tree Trimming Service

The low costs of DIY tree trimming services may be tempting; however, it’s typically a bad idea and can end up costing you more in the long run.

Safety: Many homeowners become injured when trying to trim their trees. Common injuries include falling off ladders, being struck by falling branches, electrocution, and chainsaw injuries.

Skill: Tree trimmers go through hours and hours of training to learn proper cut. Improper cuts, pruning too much, or pruning the wrong branches can do long term damage to your tree. This damage could stunt tree growth and lead to disease or pest infestations which could cost thousands of dollars to fix.

Tree Trimming Service Near Me

We provide tree trimming service throughout the DC Metro Area including Montgomery County Maryland, DC, and Northern VA.

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