Tree Stump Removal

Tree Stump RemovalTree Stump Removal, commonly known as Stump Grinding, is the act of grinding down the stump that is left after a tree removal.

Removing a tree stump is a lot more involved than people think. The right techniques and equipment need to be used in order to successfully remove the stump and not cause damage to the rest of the property. Because of this, tree stump removal is not typically included in the price of the tree removal.

Why You Should Remove Stumps:

Many homeowners are focused on the tree removal and don’t think about removing the tree stump. However, tree stump removal is an important service that keeps tripping hazards, insects & diseases, and re-sprouting at bay while keeping your curb appeal and property value.

Tripping Hazards & Mowing: When you leave a stump in your yard, you create a tripping hazard. Tree stumps can also make it hard to mow your yard and could damage your lawn equipment.

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Re-Sprouting Tree Stump

Curb Appeal & Property Value: Tree stumps can make your yard look run down and unkept. These eyesores can even lower your property values. If you must keep your tree stump try turning it into a planter or outdoor table.

Insects & Diseases: Rotting tree stumps attract insects and fungi. The insects and fungi the stump attracts will often find their way to your other healthy trees and plants. By performing tree stump removal you remove this risk and keep your other trees and shrubs safe.

Re-Sprouting: Stumps are sometimes able to re-sprout and grow quickly. If you just paid for to remove your tree the last thing you want to do is repeat the whole process over again. By having the tree stump removed you are ensuring that the tree doesn’t have the ability to re-sprout.

DIY Tree Stump Removal:

You may want to think twice about trying DIY tree stump removals. The common suggestions for tree stump removal including removal by fire, drenching it in chemicals, renting a stump grinder, and hand digging tend to be dangerous and time-consuming.

Fire: Removing a tree stump by lighting it on fire is not only dangerous but also illegal in Fairfax County and the surrounding areas without a permit. Lighting your stump on fire can easily lead to the fire spreading throughout your yard and even your house especially if you do it on a dry, hot summer day.

Chemicals: Chemical treatments promote rotting; however, they can make the ground infertile for months or years and could contaminate local stormwater runoff. The process takes 4-6 weeks so it’s not a quick fix either.

Renting A Stump Grinder: Renting may seem like a good DIY strategy but it’s not time or cost effective. The price to rent a stump grinder isn’t going to be much less than if you hire a tree company to remove the stump. Stump grinders can easily cause damage to the surrounding property if precautions aren’t taken to stop the debris from flying into and breaking windows and doors. They are also easily broken by untrained individuals; this could lead to additional prices for repair from the rental company.

Hand Digging: Hand digging out a stump is time-consuming and labor intensive. You could be digging strenuously for hours and hours before successfully removing most of the stump. You also may think you’ve removed most of the stump but really there are roots still intact that could make growing in the stop difficult in the future, or lead to fungi and insect infestations.

Why Hire RTEC For Tree Stump Removal?

Tree Stump Removal 2Our stump grinding machines are different than many others in our industry.  They grind the stumps down to below surface while resulting chips from the process are back-filled into the resulting hole. Our machines also come equipped with a protection screen so no debris or rocks are thrown into the surrounding property. We also offer services to remove and replace the stump hole with new soil and seeding.

County Regulations: Before performing a stump removal, utility companies must be contracted to mark surrounding gas, water, or electric lines. This keeps tree companies and homeowners from accidentally ruining any of your utility infrastructures.

We work directly with municipalities to get these utilities marked according to regulations so you don’t have to worry.  With us, your tree stump removal will be taken care of properly.