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Washington DC is one of the many cities our tree service company works in. It is common to overlook the bright green trees that embrace Washington DC’s favorite monuments, legislative buildings, and entertainment venues when surrounded by distractions. However, without proper tree care the nation’s capital would be plagued by dead trees and overgrown shrubs.

RTEC Treecare has many repeat clients in Washington DC that trust our company to do what is best for the health of their trees as well as the environment. We utilize industry knowledge to combat the stress Washington DC’s trees deal with every day and nurture them so that they can flourish and add to the appeal of the nation’s capital. Our services include Tree Pruning, 24 Hour Emergency Tree Service, Insect & Disease Treatment, Tree Removal and much more. Our certified arborists advise the best tree care options for your needs and won’t stop working until each and every one of our customers is fully satisfied with our service.

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Washington DC Tree Services:

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DC Requires A Special Permit To Removal Trees On Private Property In The District.

  • A special permit is required for the removal of all Special Trees (trees between 44” and 99.9” in circumference).
  • Trees greater than 100” in circumference are considered Heritage Trees and cannot be removed unless hazardous.
  • Special Tree Fines: Failure to obtain a Special Tree permit or failure to comply with the permit’s conditions comes with a fine of $300 per inch of circumference of the tree(s) in question.
  • If your tree is greater than 100″ in circumference it is classified as a Heritage Tree. Removal of a Heritage Tree in healthy condition is prohibited.

As a company we can help you through the application process for a DC Special Tree Removal Permit; however, we have no say in the decision to grant the permit and ultimately the responsibility for obtaining the permit lies with the homeowner. We will not perform tree removals that do not comply with the Urban Forest Preservation Act regulations.

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We strive to provide our clients with the best services. We ensure quality on each and every project. Our goal is 100% Customer satisfaction. Although our customer satisfaction rating is 99.4% we continue to strive even harder. We focus on our customer’s concerns, safety, as well as their trees. RTEC crews always perform a pre-job safety inspection and review the project before beginning the job. Consequently, we do not allow any excuses for safety or quality issues.


In addition, we have a digital tracking system to keep track of our client’s services and trees. We pride ourselves on our advanced use of technology. We use technology to document our work as well as keep detailed records. This data helps us track progress and provide our clients with solutions. Keeping your trees and shrubs healthy is important. When you maintain the health of your trees, your property values can increase by 10%. RTEC can help you form a comprehensive tree health plan. Because when you hire RTEC you not only receive a service, you receive our knowledge and skills.


We are environmentally friendly and continuously take action to lessen our environmental footprint. Over the past several years, we have helped the environment by cutting down on paper and ink waste. Because of this, we have reduced our paper usage and waste by 40%. We’re not sure how many trees we just saved, but we know that our little part has some effect. We are doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint. We research products and implement numerous eco-friendly treatments and programs over the years. Our trucks and equipment are also using environmentally safe lubes and oils. We dispose of our pruning and removal debris at a site which recycles the materials into mulch, furniture, as well as building material.

We are active members of the community and have participated in community events such as Arbor Day and Earth Day. We have been recognized with awards from the Tree Care Industry Association, Department of Homeland Securities, and Angie’s List for our excellent services. We encourage our team members to participate and be involved with the community and our industry.

“One of the very best companies I have ever dealt with. Promptness was superb and return phone calls very timely!” – Helen  (Tree Service Washington DC Client) Read More Customer Reviews 

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