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Tree service Arlington VA
Tree Services in Arlington, VA

Arlington, Virginia is one of the many cities our tree service company works in. The Department of Defense, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency all call Arlington their home. RTEC Treecare has been providing tree service in Arlington VA for more than 25 years, for homeowners, businesses, and government agencies!

Arlington Tree Care

RTEC Treecare has served Arlington, Virginia since its establishment in 1996. Across Arlington and the DC Metro area, we have provided tree care services to both commercial and residential properties. Because of our experience, quality, and knowledge, our clients trust our Certified Arborists to advise them on the best options for their trees. A few of the Arlington tree services we offer include 24 Hour Emergency Tree Damage/Removal Service, Insect & Disease Treatment, Tree Removal, and Tree Pruning (“trimming”).

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Arlington, VA Professional Tree Services:

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We’re Fully Licensed, Insured, & Accredited

RTEC Treecare is accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association. In fact, we were the first accredited company in Virginia. Accreditation is a difficult and comprehensive credential obtained through the Tree Care Industry Association. Accreditation ensures that a tree service company is fully licensed in the states they work in, insured, adheres to the safety policies required by OSHA and the industry, and operates as a professional and trustworthy tree service company.

RTEC is fully licensed and insured in Virginia, Maryland, and DC. We adhere to all safety policies, have weekly safety meetings, and encourage our team members to create and institute improved safety policies. We operate as a professional and trustworthy company and have won multiple small business awards from the Department of Homeland Security, and 12 excellence in arboriculture awards from the Tree Care Industry Association.

Professional Tree Service in Arlington, Virginia – One of Many Examples of Doing the Right Thing

Not too long ago, we performed a tree service job at an HOA in Arlington, VA. When our tree expert went to inspect the cherry trees on the property, he noticed they were suffering from years of mulch volcanoes. Mulch volcanoes occur when mulch is piled up at the base of a tree. Because of this issue, trees often develop a variety of issues.

Because we caught the problem early, the trees had not yet started to show symptoms from the mulch volcanoes. But if the problem was not dealt with, the trees could’ve begun to show signs of stress. In this case, they could have shown insect and disease issues, bark discoloration, choked roots, root rot, and/or rodent issues.

To see what we were dealing with and fix the problem, our Certified Arborists had to perform a root collar excavation and root pruning.

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  1. First, we performed a Root Collar Excavation using pressurized air to expose the roots for inspection. This process exposed the roots without hurting the tree.
  2. Once the root system was visible, it became obvious that the excess mulch had caused roots to grow from the main trunk and around dominate roots. We also noticed discoloration on the trunk from mulch irritation and excess moisture.
  3. To fix the problem and keep health issues from occurring, we hand pruned the roots. By removing the problematic roots we returned the root structure to a healthy state. This allowed the root system to grow properly and thrive in the future.
  4. Lastly, we re-mulched the tree. You can see by the dirt lines on the trunk how high the mulch used to be. Notice that our proper mulching is much lower and does not pile up against the trunk of the tree.
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tree service arlington va 2With RTEC Treecare You Receive:

OUR PROMISE For Tree Service in Arlington, Virginia

We strive to provide our clients with the best services. We ensure quality on each and every project, but you don’t have to take our word for it. We have hundreds of Google reviews that show just how satisfied our customers are. We focus on our customer’s concerns, safety, and their trees. RTEC crews always perform a pre-job safety inspection and review the project before beginning the job. Consequently, we do not allow any excuses for safety or quality issues.

Occasionally, things don’t go as planned, and we have a process in place to ensure that all concerns are addressed. Our promise to you is that if we fall short on our promise, we’ll make it right — no matter what!

Our Emphasis on Data Provides High-Quality Tree Service in Arlington, VA

In addition, we have a digital tracking system to keep track of our client’s services and trees. We pride ourselves on our advanced use of technology. We use technology to document our work and keep detailed records. This data helps us track progress and provide our clients with solutions.  Keeping your trees and shrubs healthy is important. When you maintain the health of your trees, your property values can increase by 10%. RTEC can help you form a comprehensive tree health plan. Because when you hire RTEC you not only receive a service, you receive our knowledge and skills.

Doing the Right Thing for People and Planet — Tree Service in Arlington, Virginia

We are environmentally friendly and continuously take action to lessen our environmental footprint. Over the past several years, we have helped the environment by cutting down on paper and ink waste. Because of this we have reduced our paper usage and waste by 40%. We’re not sure how many trees we just saved, but we know that our little part has some effect. We are doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint. We research products that are environmentally friendly and have implemented numerous eco-friendly treatments and programs over the years. Our trucks and equipment are also using environmentally safe lubes and oils. We dispose of our pruning and removal debris at a site which recycles the materials into mulch, furniture, and building material.

We are active members of the community and have participated in community events such as Arbor Day and Earth Day. We have been recognized with awards from the Tree Care Industry Association, Department of Homeland Securities, and Angie’s List for our excellent services. We encourage our team members to participate and be involved with the community and our industry.

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