Tree Removal Service

Tree Removal Service 2

Ropes Attached To Trunk Sections To Let Them Down Slowly and Controlled

If you’re searching for ” Tree Removal Service Near Me ” you’re in the right place! We offer tree removal service in DC, Northern Virginia, and Montgomery County.

Removals are a necessary part of proper tree maintenance. We prefer to keep trees healthy so that they don’t have to be taken down; however, there are many instances when removal is the best alternative for the homeowner.

Depending on what is best for the homeowner, we can provide just the tree removal service or a package. Packages typically include the removal of the tree, wood removal/disposal, and tree stump removal (stump grinding).

Tree Removal Service: This is the act of cutting down the tree. When you only purchase a removal without the add-ons below the entire tree will be left laying on your property.

Wood Removal / Disposal: If you would like the tree and debris removed from your property ask your arborist to include wood removal/disposal (sometimes called “haul wood”) in your quote.

Stump Grinding: Stump Grinding or Tree Stump Removal, is the act of grinding down tree stumps to avoid trip hazards. Rotting stumps are an attraction for insects and fungi. To avoid potential infestation of your existing trees, stump grinding should be performed. Because this takes extra time and equipment, stump grinding will add costs to your removal.

Cost of Tree Removal Service Near Me:

The average cost of tree removal service ranges from $400-$2,800. The cost of removing a tree depends on a number of factors including location, size, and additional services. Watch the video below to go step by step through these factors to get a better idea of the cost of removing a tree in Northern Va, DC, and Maryland.

RTEC’s Tree Removal Service:

Removals are one of the most hazardous aspects of tree care. In this area tree service companies most often remove trees growing near houses, power lines, or areas that aren’t easily accessed. We have performed thousands of highly technical removals like these.

We ensure that our teams are prepared with the right training and equipment to provide homeowners with safe and efficient tree removal service.

Removal Regulations: Many cities and municipalities have regulations for removing trees. As a courtesy, our arborists will advise you on the regulations in your city and help you obtain the proper permits and approvals needed to perform the tree removal service. We will not perform any services that do not comply with the regulations of your area.  See what regulations there are in your city.

Environmentally Friendly Wood Removal/Disposal:

We go out of our way to recycle the wood from each of our removals. The wood from your tree will be recycled into furniture or mulch. This repurposes the tree letting it live on as a part of someone’s home or landscape. Plus recycling trees is environmentally friendly!

Tree Removal ServiceTree Stump Removal Services:

Many homeowners are so focused on removing the tree they don’t even think about removing the tree stump. However, tree stump removal is an important service that keeps tripping hazards, insects & diseases, and re-sprouting at bay while keeping your curb appeal and property value. Tree stump removal is not typically included in the price of removing the tree. Learn More About Tree Stump Removal

Our stump grinding machines are different than many others in our industry.  They grind the stumps down to below the surface while resulting chips from the process are back-filled into the resulting hole. Our machines also come equipped with a protective screen so no debris or rocks are thrown into the surrounding property.

We also offer services to remove and replace the stump hole with new soil and seeding.

County Regulations: Before performing stump grinding, utility companies must be contracted to mark surrounding gas, water, or electric lines. This keeps tree companies and homeowners from accidentally ruining any of your utility infrastructures.

We work directly with municipalities to mark these utilities according to regulations so you don’t have to worry.

You can trust RTEC to provide you with excellent service. Book a tree removal service consultation online or call 703.573.3029.