Tree Removal Falls Church VA

Tree Removal Falls Church Va
Tree Removal Falls Church Va

A bustling city outside of Washington DC, Falls Church, VA is a mixture of residences and businesses. The city of Falls Church, VA places efforts towards maintaining urban forestry as do its residents. RTEC Tree Care is proudly located within the city of Falls Church, VA.

Our tree removal services are performed to our industries high standards and care for your property. Our methods are industry approved and to safety regulations. Whether you need a tree removal, limb removal, or stump grinding, our Certified Arborists use high end equipment and skill to provide you with the best quality tree removal service.

RTEC’s Tree Removal Falls Church Va Services

Our Certified Arborists will be able to tell you if you tree is dead/dying and if you need a Tree Removal. If your tree needs to be removed our Arborists will provide you with the best way to remove the tree from your property while adhering to OSHA and ANSI safety standards.

In Falls Church Va it is very common to come across trees that are close to buildings or utility wires. We specialize in these high tech removals. We have developed and perfected protocols and process that give homeowners the solutions they desire without damaging surrounding structures or wires. Our innovative processes have been recognized by the Tree Care Industry Association and are being implemented nationwide to improve the safety of tree removals in urban environments.

Tree Removal Stump GrindingStump Grinding: 

Stump Grinding is the act of grinding down tree stumps that result from tree removal to avoid trip hazards. Rotting stumps are an attraction for insects and fungi. To avoid potential infestation of your existing trees, stump grinding should be performed.

Wood Disposal:

We Make Sure That Every Tree We Remove Is Recycled into mulch, used as lumber, or crafted into furniture.

Tree Services in Falls Church, VA Include

  • Tree Trimming 
  • Tree Pruning
  • Limb Removal
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Plant Health Care
  • Emergency Tree Service
  • Insect and Disease Control
  • Mulching
  • Tree Cabling and Bracing
  • Root Care
  • Tree Preservation