Tree Maintenance

Tree Pruning (trimming)

RTEC specialists bring proper training, the right equipment, and compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI.) We hire ISA Certified Arborists who know the proper cuts.

We won’t recommend pruning when the tree is too dangerous to climb or in irreversible decline. And we stay away from practices that are harmful or controversial. These include topping, a process used when trees have grown too large for the space. Topping removes large branches or even the whole tops of trees. It can starve a tree of its ability to manufacture food. It can cause shock and scalding (sunburn.) It opens up the possibility of insect infestation and disease and could even kill the tree. Topping may be cheaper in the short term, but it can decrease your property value in the long run.


A tree with two or more large leads can be unstable and can cause damage to your property. We provide a support structure in the form of high-strength cables that help to stabilize the tree. This prevents further injury to the tree, and can even guide a mature, healthy tree to grow in the right direction. The ordinary homeowner may not notice the need for this, which makes regular inspection by an expert even more important.

Tree & Stump Removal

Our goal is to preserve trees as often as possible. If they are still healthy , we do all we can to retain them. However, in cases of unhealthy or dying trees, where they are a danger to property, or when there is no other option, we can safely remove the tree. Our services include:

  • Helping the property owner file for the proper permits and approvals,
  • Making sure our services comply with all applicable regulations,
  • Working with utility companies to avoid gas, water, or electric lines, and
  • Performing with precision in tight spaces where trees must be lifted out by crane.

Stump removal is separate. Our technicians grind the stumps down to below the surface. Chipped debris from this process is backfilled into the resulting hole.”. Our stump grinding technicians are trained to avoid damaging the surrounding property during the operation. We also offer services to remove and replace the stump hole with new soil and seedings.

Seasonal TREE CARE

Each season brings its own plant health care requirements. Watering, mulching, removing dead plant matter, keeping an eye out for pests and disease—these are ongoing. Regularly scheduled care ensures that your trees and shrubs get the services they need by having a trained eye inspect for signs of ill health, safety concerns, and more.

We provide checklists for maintenance throughout the year so you can fully enjoy the most beautiful and healthy plants possible.

As winter approaches and coats the landscape in frost and snow, it’s crucial to pay special attention to the well-being of your trees. Prepare your trees for the season challenges with our expert care. From pruning to anti-icing solutions, we safeguard your arboreal assets during the coldest months.

As winter’s chill yields to the warmth of spring, it’s the perfect time to pay attention to your trees and usher in the new growing season. Spring tree care is an essential practice to ensure the health, vitality, and beauty of your trees. At RTEC, we offer expert spring tree care services to help your arboreal assets thrive in the season of renewal.

Ensure your trees shine in the summer sun with our expert care. From pruning to hydration management, we nurture your trees during the warm season. Explore our summer tree care services and help your trees thrive.

Fall season is not just pumpkin spice and apple pies, prepare your trees for the autumn transition with our specialized care. From pruning to leaf management, we help your trees thrive as they change colors. Discover our fall tree care services and keep your landscape stunning throughout the season.


Meet with a Certified Arborist to discuss your tree care goals!