Tree Growth Regulator – Slow Your Tree’s Growth To Make It Healthier

Tree Growth Regulator 2Many homeowners associate big flourishing canopies with good health; however, in our urban/suburban area, large trees can cause some nasty issues.

  1. Encroaching: Large trees planted too close to buildings and power lines will start encroaching on these structures and can cause some hefty damages.
  2. Falling: Larger, fast-growing trees such as tulip poplars, red maples, and silver maples, often grow too fast and aren’t able to establish strong root systems. This can lead to them uprooting and falling during storms and high winds.
  3. Health Problems: Large trees need large amounts of water, minerals, and soil space. If the tree is planted in a small area, an area that doesn’t receive lots of water, or soil that isn’t nutrient-rich it will not be able to support itself. Large trees in these situations will suffer from heat stress, diseases, and insect infestations which can be costly to fix.

When you are dealing with the situations above it becomes necessary to limit the size and volume of your tree. In the past, tree size and volume have been limited through trimming trees frequently but this can be costly and time-consuming. Thankfully, there is another way to control your tree’s size and volume – Tree Growth Regulators.

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Tree Growth Regulator 1Benefits Of Tree Growth Regulators (TGR)

Tree Growth Regulators only need to be applied once every 3 years and will provide growth reduction, root & leaf enhancement, and help with disease & insect protection.

Growth Reduction

As the name indicates, the biggest benefit of Tree Growth Regulators is a reduction in the tree’s yearly growth. A single application of Tree Growth Regulator can reduce new growth by 90%. This means if your tree commonly grows a few feet every year that growth would be reduced to a few inches with the Tree Growth Regulator.

This will allow your trees to flourish without growing into power lines, damaging your roof, or encroaching on other structures.

Tree Growth RegulatorRoot & Leaf Enhancement (Better Root System & Greener Leaves)

As a result of reducing canopy growth, your tree can now focus it’s time and energy on enhancing its leaf appearance and root growth. The Tree Growth Regulator will stimulate the production and development of fine roots which will allow the tree to absorb more water and minerals.

The application also results in increased chlorophyll production leading to deep green leaves that are able to capture more energy from the sun. As a result of these enhancements, your tree will be better equipped to recover from stress and damage.

Stress, Drought, Disease & Insect Protection

Quickly recovering from stress and damage will help your trees stay healthy but Tree Growth Regulators don’t stop there; they also increase your tree’s resistance to tree diseases and insect infestations.

On top of that Tree Growth Regulators provide your tree with increased drought resistance. They do this by increasing the density of fine roots which absorb water and by reducing the amount of water required to support the tree (larger trees need more water than smaller trees).

If your tree is encroaching on your home, outgrowing your yard, suffering from stress, or just overall lackluster we strongly recommend that your tree receives a Tree Growth Regulator application. If you’re interested in Tree Growth Regulators schedule an appointment with us online or call 703.573.3029 to meet with a Certified Arborist.

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