Tree Climber Jobs – Hiring Tree Climbers Now

Tree Climbers in our organization work at some of the most prestigious locations in Northern VA, Washington, DC, and Maryland.

Our clients consist of residential, commercial, and government properties. We’ve worked for embassies, national parks, and beautiful private residences overlooking the Potomac and other notable sites.

RTEC specializes in proper tree & shrub pruning and highly technical tree removals, as well as science-backed plant health care.

Tree Climber Training

RTEC’s tree climbers’ priorities are safety, quality, and production.

All employees are provided with training to improve their skills and knowledge of proper tree care. We perform tree work to ANSI and OSHA standards, as well as having a stringent drug/ alcohol policy for everyone’s safety. We abide by the company’s employee handbook and safety regulations.

Company Culture

Our team atmosphere helps us retain long-term employees.  RTEC’s tree climbers are highly regarded for their abilities and skills. As part of the team, we inspire growth, help develop skills and encourage learning. Our goal for our company and our tree climbers is to grow and always move forward.

We offer tree climbers room for advancement. Many of our past tree climbers have become crew leaders, foremen, and managers. Why is working at RTEC different than somewhere else? Because each employee is valued for their attributes, hard work, and dedication to the business.

Here at RTEC, we believe you can climb as high as you are willing.

The RTEC Package For Tree Climbers:

Our motto is “Doing the Right Thing for People, Trees, and the Environment”.  This is our commitment to every interaction or decision we make whether it is involving clients, industry professionals, or our own employees. Our culture and performance have positioned our company as one of the area’s leading tree service providers. Here at RTEC, you’ll receive:

  • Highly equipped and trained teams that focus on safety, quality, and doing the right thing.
  • Excellent pay and benefits
    • 401(k) Saving Plan/Retirement Plans
    • Health Insurance
    • Vacation &  Personal Time Off Pay
    • Sick Leave
  • A safe, stable, and dependable (Year Round) work environment.
  • Independence and flexibility.
  • Training and career advancement opportunities.
  • Recognition and rewards for exceptional performance.
  • Excellent administrative support so you can focus on serving the customer.
  • A high-tech working environment that embraces new technology and best practices.
  • Stable & Rapidly Growing Business.