TCIA Chair’s Award 2016 – Walt Money

The TCIA Chair’s Award

The Chair’s Award is presented by the current chairperson of the Board to recognize outstanding contributions to the Association.

President of RTEC Treecare, Andy Ross, is the current chairperson of the Board and selected the 2016 Recipient. The recipient is honored at TCIA’s annual Winter Management Conference.

2016 TCIA Chair’s Award Recipient- Walter E. Money

Walter E. Money is a leader in our industry. He first opened his tree care business over 50 years ago and grew it into a thriving company that would go on to influence the atmosphere of the tree care industry.

Walt not only put everything into growing his own business but also wholeheartedly volunteered his time. Money volunteered his company’s time and services by planting the National Christmas Tree on the mall, caring for the trees at Arlington National Cemetery, and caring for a  4 1/2 century old Great Holly on the campus of St. Mary’s College, just to name a few.

As an individual, Walt, led the National Arborist Association as an active member, treasurer, and eventually president in 1981; as well as leading the Maryland Arborists Association as a board member and president. To quote him, “you get out of this industry what you put into it.” And Walt has given everything to further the tree care industry and thus so is no stranger to awards.

Walter E. Money was the 1990 recipient of the NAA Award of Merit Winner, the 2010 Greydon Tolson Forest Resource Conservationist Award winner and now the 2016 TCIA Chair’s Award Winner.

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