Why Did We Have So Many Summer Storms?

The summer season has officially gone, taking with it the excessive heat we experienced this year. In addition to record temperatures this summer, you may have noticed a particularly high number of storms.

This year, to date, we have already experienced 50 storms and 7 hurricanes, according to the Center for Disease Philanthropy. While these numbers might not seem that surprising at a glance; what might be more jarring is the rising intensity of these storms. Historically, storms have had the biggest impact on the Southeastern US, according to the Washington Post. In recent years, meteorologists and scientists alike have found a link between our changing climate and storm behavior. With extreme heat comes rising ocean levels, storm surges, and stronger rainfall along the coasts and into the mainland. While climate change might not seem to be a particularly tangible phenomenon, our trees might disagree if we could ask them.

The potential damages storms can cause.

How do these changes affect your trees?

Storms can cause major damage to your trees and your property. According to Robert Bardon, NC State, trees are most likely to fail due to high winds and oversaturation from heavy rainfall and flooding. Trees that fail can cause significant damage to your home, surrounding structures, and your loved ones inside.

Why are we talking about summer storms when Fall is here?

Prevention is the BEST way to ensure that your trees have a fighting chance the next time a storm blows through. While a healthy tree can fail under the right conditions, it’s much less likely if your trees are well-maintained. The reason why we bring this up now is that Fall is one of the most opportune times to maintain your trees.

1. Tree pruning – Fall and Winter are great times to get your trees pruned to remove deadwood, visible overhead hazards, and broken branches.

2. Mulching – Most people apply mulch in the Spring like clockwork, but did you know that Fall is also a wonderful time to give your trees a health boost. Proper mulching helps to keep your trees’ roots healthy and boost the trees’ overall strength.

3. Bio-Stimulants – This “multivitamin” for your trees will also boost your trees’ overall health by giving urban and suburban trees the nutrients they might not be getting enough of in their environment. We often say that his all-natural treatment is the absolute best thing you can do for your trees.

Need help with Fall tree maintenance?

Give us a call to discuss your Fall tree care needs and set up a virtual consultation with one of our Certified Arborists.


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