Tree Growth Regulators

The Anti-Aging Regimen your Mature Tree Needs

Branches interfering with power lines.

Have you noticed a tree with unruly growth? Do you find yourself constantly having to prune your trees away from your house or roof? Perhaps, when leaving for work, you’ve noticed a branch growing towards a power line. Maybe the tree you planted when you first moved to your home is not looking as strong as it once did. As your trees mature, it is good to be cognizant of these changes. Aging for any living being comes with its own set of trials, but there are measures that can be taken to take the edge off the process.

This is the case for your trees, too! With the help of Tree Growth Regulators, we can help reduce stress on your trees, help you avoid constant pruning, and boost mature trees’ overall health.

Tree Growth Regulators are beneficial to trees 24″ in diameter and greater.

Tree growth regulators originate from an experiment to treat fungal pathogens. While the solution was unsuccessful as a fungicide treatment, there was a noticeable benefit to regulating the trees’ growth. A tree growth regulator has the ability to stunt a tree’s outward growth from the branches, while enhancing and strengthening its root system/ feeder root production.  The regulator allows the photosynthesis process to store more food, making the leaves more durable and further acting as a protective shield against changing weather.

Tree growth regulators are beneficial to trees that have evolved and needed to adapt over the ages to a developing world, introducing them to harsher environments (Like growing in an urban setting, next to a sidewalk or building), changing climates and other external forces. (Anything that might fall under the tree’s dripline). Some of the benefits of a Tree Growth Regulator include; slowing down uncontrolled canopy growth, enhancing root and leaf development, and protecting against diseases and insect infestations.

According to Certified Arborist, Ben Gotch, some trees that do not benefit from tree growth regulators include:

-All types of Dogwood trees

-Japanese Maples

Tree growth regulators also benefit your tree by helping them to retain their shape! In some cases, cutting back branches can reduce re-sprouting when done too frequently. A tree growth regulator can help you extend the life of your annual trimming job for up to 3 years. This not only leads to healthier growth and less stress for your tree, but also saves you money in the long term. Overall, tree growth regulators are good for mature trees, so long as they are not in irreversible decline.


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