Protect Your Trees From Beavers

beaver-979851_960_720Protect Your Trees From Beavers!

Despite the myth of beavers eating fish, Beavers are pure vegetarians, subsisting solely on woody and aquatic vegetation. They will eat fresh leaves, twigs, stems, and bark. Beavers will chew on any species of tree, but preferred species include alder, aspen, birch, cottonwood, maple, poplar and willow.

Beavers causes unsightly damage on the trucks of trees. Extended damage will even cause trees to come crashing down into your yard.

The traditional solution to stop beaver damage is to set up wire caging around trees. Beavers are not good climbers so this caging keeps the beavers from reaching the tree. However, the problem with this technique is that wire caging causes root system issues that can lead to health decline and eventually premature death.
IMG_0085Our innovative solution removes wire caging from the mix all while deterring beaver damage and promoting good root health. Our Arborists stop beaver damage by painting the trees with a sand/paint mixture. Beavers dislike the gritty feel of sand in their mouth and the latex paint holds the sand to the tree trucks. This deters the beavers, while still allowing the tree to breathe and receive nutrients.

Not only is this more appealing than wire cages, but homeowners may be happy to hear that the paint can be matched to the color of their trees for aesthetic appeal.

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Samantha Huff

Samantha Huff is the marketing coordinator at RTEC Treecare. She enjoys learning about the technical aspects of trees and the insects and diseases that prey on them. She hopes that these articles can help homeowners gain control of their tree and shrub maintenance by being aware of the signs and symptoms of unhealthy trees.

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