How We Helped Our Community During Storm Jonas

01.26.2016_AFTER_Oakton Elementary (3)At RTEC we strive to always do the right thing for trees, people, and the environment.  We believe that helping out our community is the right thing to do; which is why we jumped at the opportunity to help Fairfax County Public Schools with their snow removal efforts during and after winter storm Jonas.

Before the blizzard hit, our crews were preparing and planning the best schedule and techniques to provide our customers with rapid and effective snow removal. While executing the first phases of our snow removal efforts Saturday, schools were being cancelled all over Fairfax County. As a part of our community outreach RTEC President, Andy Ross, reached out to Fairfax County Schools to offer extra hands to help remove snow and ice from the schools in the area. Being familiar with RTEC’s reputation of quality and professionalism, Fairfax County’s facilities management took us up on our offer and we mobilized our crews to our first assigned elementary school the same day.

Since Saturday morning we worked tirelessly all day and throughout the night along with Fairfax County’s facilities management to clear the parking lots, roads, and sidewalks of elementary schools in the area. Our amazing crews worked at 5 elementary schools and moved 22,722 tons of snow, the equivalent of moving 7,574 elephants.


With our help and assistance some teachers and principals were able to access the school during this emergency situation. With our help we hope children will be able to return to school and focus on their education early next week.

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