How To Prepare Your Fall Landscape

Fall Landscape TipsGive Your Property The Best Fall It Can Have By Following Our Fall Landscape Tips

Fall is the perfect time to rejuvenate your trees and shrubs and help prepare them for winter. Make sure your property is ready for its long winter’s nap by following these fall tree/shrub care tips.


  • Plant new trees and shrubs
  • Apply bio-stimulant your trees to help put them to bed for their long winter’s nap with everything they need for healthy root growth now and in the spring when root growth resumes.
  • Water deeply if dry weather occurs
  • Have an arborist inspect your property to make sure your trees and shrubs are off to a good start for the dormant season.


  • Remove fallen leaves
  • Apply repellent to keep deer from browsing
  • Create a map of gardens, plant beds, trees, and shrubs to give to snow removal companies in order to avoid damage to your landscape.
  • Have trees inspected by a certified arborist to make sure they don’t pose a high risk of falling during winter storms.



Are you ready to give your tree what it needs to survive the winter and flourish in the spring? If so set up a consultation with a certified arborist today!

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