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We are environmental experts providing technically sound solutions to the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area for over 25 years.

RTEC Treecare is an Accredited Tree Care Company by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). We were the first tree care company in Virginia that met all the requirements that are set for accreditation, which includes a stringent safety program, and places values in ethical business practices.  With over 25 years of experience, RTEC has performed services for federal, state, and local governments, as well as residential properties in the DC metro area and other surrounding states.

Plant Health Care Programs & Services


RTEC Treecare is an Accredited Tree Care Company by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). We were the first tree care company in Virginia that met all the requirements that are set for accreditation, which includes a stringent safety program, and places values in ethical business practices.  With over 25 years of experience, RTEC has performed services for federal, state, local governments, as well as residential properties in the DC metro area and other surrounding states.


COMPANY DIVISIONS: As leaders in the industry, RTEC is involved in all aspects of tree, plant, and environmental care and continually strives to provide environmentally friendly services and solutions to customers. Divisions in the organization include general tree care, plant health care, and environmental specialists. Crews are trained to perform work specific to clienteles, such as government agencies, commercial properties, and residential homes.


PAST PROJECTS: Unique projects have included environmentally sensitive areas, high traffic locations, high profile and secured facilities. Projects that require special licenses, certifications, and clearances are part of RTEC’s portfolio. Project budgets range from $1,000 to $5,000,000 over the last twenty years. More About Past Projects


SAFETY, QUALITY, & PRODUCTION: Policies are in place to ensure that ANSI and OSHA standards are abided by, and proper training is provided to all employees. Crews are trained to provide technical work that may involve extra precaution, safety hazards, and clearances. Each team members ensures that the company’s values of Safety, Quality, and Production are carried through on a daily basis.

RTEC adheres to the strict standards of:

– Best business practices

– Ethical business conduct

– Industry, state & federal standards compliance

– Consumer satisfaction through resolution

– Adherence to safety & quality standards

– Tracking and maintaining good bookkeeping and records of work


In each department, standard operating procedures and processes are in place to ensure efficiency, quality, and safety. RTEC has the ability to customize services and programs that suit the client’s needs with a focus on flawless execution.


TECHNOLOGY & SUPPORT: RTEC utilizes technology as an advantage to maintain contracts, and provide accuracy in reporting, and data collection to increase efficiency in work performance. Communication, execution, and quality are key factors in RTEC’s culture.  Over the last 25 years, RTEC has developed a Strategic Alliance Network (SAN) of major tree care, landscape, forestry, and other environmental services across the United States, which makes our company uniquely situated to perform task orders outside its sphere of influence. Each project receives the consistent quality service and standards that are a part of the organization. No matter the size of the project, RTEC’s goal is “always leave it better”.

115310 – Support Activities for Forestry 541320 – Landscape Architectural Services 561710 – Exterminating and Pest Control Services
 221310 – Water Supply and Irrigation Systems  541490 – Other Specialized Design Services  561730 – Landscaping Services
 237310 – Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction  541620 – Environmental Consulting Services  541790 – Other Services to Building and Dwellings
 238910 – Site Preparation Contractors  541690 – Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services  561990  All Other Support Services
 238990 – All Other Specialty Trade Contractors  541990 – All Other Professional Scientific and Technical Services  562219 – Other Nonhazardous Waste treatment and Disposal
 532412 – Construction, Mining and Forestry Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing  561210 – Facilities Support Services  562910 – Environmental Remediation Services

RTEC Provides Contract Logistics Support (CLS) Service Which Includes:

Our administrative support is here to make our government contract partners’ lives easier. They are highly trained to understand the contract requirements, logistical support and daily tasks we must provide. They contract logistic support they provide includes;

– Specification Development

– Budget Reporting

– Job Tracking

– Proposal Writing

– Real-Time Budget & Progress Updates Of The Contract

– Customized support to the agency and the contract to deliver added value to the government.




Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) GSA Current Contractor
International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Registered Contractor
Maryland Arborist Association eVA Contractor
Snow & Ice Management Association Certified as a Small Business

General Qualifications:

Licensing and Certification:

Virginia Corp, in good standing (State Corporation Commission) ISA Certified Arborists
RTEC is able to perform contracts nationwide Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals (CTSP)
Performing business in DC Metro area for over 25 years Licensed Pesticide Applicators
Experienced Federal Government Contractor Maryland Licensed Tree Experts



Secured Government Training Facility: 

Name of Contract: Forest Management, Tree Pruning, Tree Removal, Tick Eradication

Date of Service:  2008-2013 


– Reduce tree related maintenance costs.

– Reduce tick related management costs.

– Eliminate disease/infested trees.

– Reduce fire hazard and fuel loading.

– Reduce tree-related emergencies and failures.

– Preserve and improve the natural resources at the RTC.

– Establish tree maintenance procedures and protocols for the future.

– Establish an effective tick management protocol.

– Contribute to the preservation of historic grounds.

– Protect the diverse geography and existing natural resources.

– Introduce environmentally sustainable practices and protocols.

– Reforestation

– Wild Life Damage Control

RTEC_Government Tree Service 4 RTEC_Government Tree Service 5


Rock Creek Park – Golf Course

Name of Contract: National Park Service, NCR—Regional Contracting—Rock Creek Park (ROCR)

Date of Service:  05/19/2016—06/10/2016


– Removal of hazardous trees

– Performed work with limited accessibility, due to the nature of the location

– Clean up and removal of already downed debris


National Park Service: Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Historic Park (C&O Canal)

Name of Contract: National Park Service, National Capital Region — Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Historical Park (CHOH)

Term of Project:  February 2016-May 2016

Objective (s):

– Fuel Reduction

– Ground Plane Improvement

– Hazardous tree reduction

– Herbicide treatments

– Stump grinding

– Vegetation management




Small Business Achievement Award – US Department Of Homeland Security (2008 & 2010)

RTEC was recognized for outstanding service at a secured facility with site sensitivity concerns, the project consisted of a Forestry Management Plan that entailed a work plan for hazard tree removal, tick and insect remediation to help reduce the potential for Lyme disease, and maintain the woodlands for safety and fire hazard reduction. A wildlife damage control program was also implemented to protect the trees from beaver damage. Reducing the deer tick population by implementing animal-friendly methods was also performed. The methods and approach were proven effective and did not harm animals or the environment.

12 Excellence in Arboriculture Award – Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) (2005-Present)

8 Awards For Tree Preservation (pre-construction, during construction, post-construction)

  • 3 Awards – Residential Properties: RTEC was recognized for tree preservation planning and implementation at 3 residential properties. The project was to ensure that the mature trees on-site had proper preservation to reduce construction damage and help reduce stress to the tree. All trees protected have survived in the last 10 years.
  • 4 Awards – Smithsonian National Zoo: RTEC was recognized for tree preservation work at multiple Smithsonian National Zoo exhibits, including the eagle, panda, and farm exhibits and the picnic pavilion. During the construction of zoo exhibits mature trees had to be protected and maintained to ensure its longevity and health.
  • 1 Award – Northern VA Community College: RTEC was recognized for tree preservation at a community college for a large mature tree that would be affected by the expansion of their campus. RTEC successfully saved the tree was and it continues to thrive.

2 Tree Inventory Matrix

  • RTEC was recognized for implementing a tree inventory and a matrix for tree maintenance. Hundreds of trees were documented and a priority list and maintenance program was set for each property. This helped the complex maintain their trees and was able to spend money on proactive solutions vs reactive services, which in turn helped them reduce their maintenance budget.

2 Insect & Disease Remediation

  • 1 Award – National Memorial Park: RTEC was recognized for implementing a wooly adelgids treatment programs for mature hemlock trees. The cemetery relied on the health of these trees for privacy and shade. The trees underwent some stress due to weather and untreated infestation. RTEC successfully treated the trees and was able to preserve the majority of the mature trees.
  • 1 Award – Northern VA Community College: RTEC was recognized for using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Plans and proper pruning in the preservation of historic boxwoods surrounding the campus.

Professional Communications Award – Tree Care Industry Association (2009, 2012, 2016)

  • RTEC was recognized with three awards for communication by the Tree Care Industry Association. RTEC’s marketing and approach to communication were recognized for its quality and educational value to the general public.

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Our professionals will not only provide your agency with superior service, but also understand complex environmental policies your agency may be required to implement. We strive to leave every place we touch better than we found it.


Conservation of precious environmental resources is our primary focus. We help to preserve natural resources on your government property.

Environmental Consulting
Compliance, sustainability, implementation of policies such as FMP, INRMP, IPM plan, and more.

Forest Management
Forestry mulching & mowing, tree trimming, hazard tree risk assessment & removal, hazardous fuels management, vegetation & invasive plant management, pest & disease management.

Environmental Restoration Wetland mitigation, reforestation, environmental remediation, stream bed restoration, conservation, and restoration of historic waterways.

Other Environmental Solutions
Water resource management, irrigation, stormwater management.

We have experience with some of the most well-known sites in our area, including environmentally sensitive areas, secure and/or military sites, historic locations, and more.

Our service team is made up of certified arborists with the high-end equipment needed to work in tight, less-than-optimal conditions. We are also familiar with the complex environmental policies that your agency must comply with.

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