Fight The Blight

Boxwood BlightBoxwood shrubs and trees are slow growing evergreens. The boxwood blight, also known as “box blight” was introduced to the United States in 2011 when North Carolina, Virginia, and Connecticut experienced outbreaks in nurseries. Although the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services are trying to rid infested fields from the disease through testing of fungicides, it is important to know the signs before it impacts your plant. The fungal disease infests leaves and branches but not the root. Leaves will develop dark spots with a dark border while branches have long black-brown streaks on the stems. Clusters of white spores that resemble fuzz develop in warm, humid conditions on the underside of leaves and on stems. While the disease does not infect the root, repeated exposure can predispose the plant to other diseases.  Once the infection has been rid from the plant, it has the potential to re-grow. However, the suggested method is to remove and replace the plant. If you believe your plant life is infected, call RTEC Treecare to hear how we can help.

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