Fall Color: Why are my leaves changing?

Fall can be detected in many ways; the smell of warm cinnamon, local stands selling mums, and the color change in leaves! But just like the release of the pumpkin spice latte, how early is too early to see these signs of fall? 

What causes the color change in leaves?

Simply put, leaves change color as the weather changes. According to the College of Environmental Science and Forestry, the extended drop in temperature slows down the tree’s nutrient intake. This effects the life of the leaf noticeably as those bright shades of green fade to yellow, orange and red as a result of chlorophyll breaking down. 

Though this is not the only explanation for a visible change in leaves. Leaf color can also shift due to…

As mentioned above, leaves changing colors might be the first visible sign of a deeper rooted issue to your tree’s health. Other external signs may include scarring from summer mowing/ weed whacking, or distress from animals that feed or rub up against the trunk of your tree. It’s important to note that your trees could also be suffering from problems below the surface. For example, a damaged root system. All of these things make it challenging for your trees to get the necessary nutrients and water they need to flourish – thus dimming the color and increasing the potential for greater damage.

What Next?

While there isn’t a fix all, our Environmental Specialists can help you by addressing your trees needs. Whether it be with a Biostimulant, Mosquito and Pest Control, or any of our other treatments, we will help find the best solution for your the health of your trees!

Are Your Tree’s Healthy?

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