dweFall is one of the best times to prune but this autumn chore could turn into a nightmare if you’re not careful.

Pruning trees yourself is not a good idea. Trees are alive and they require a large amount of know how to provide appropriate care. The majority of homeowners do not have the technical knowledge needed to determine what type of pruning is right for their tree. Instead, many people will use inappropriate, harmful techniques which will injure and possibly kill their trees in the long run. Pruning your trees yourself to save money will most likely result in future expensive restoration work in order to save the tree.

Your trees health is not the only thing at stake. Pruning is a dangerous process and doing it yourself could lead to extensive injury. You risk falling, being hit by branches, and if wires are present -electrocution. According to the Tree Care Industry Association “45 civilian tree care- related accidents were reported in the media in 2013. Of these accidents 28 (62 percent) were fatal.  These statistics don’t represent all – or even most – of the tree care accidents involving non-professional. These were simply the accidents sensational enough to be reported by the media on the day they happened.” Don’t put yourself in danger just to save a few bucks. Call an Accredited Tree Care Company to take care your tree care needs.

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