ARE YOU STARVING YOUR TREE? Your Tree Might Need Bio-Stimulants

Green Leafy TreeYour shade trees are quite essential to your landscape. They provide year-round enhancement and increased enjoyment of your property. Although most of the enjoyment comes from their beautiful foliage, only a small amount of their health comes from that part of their structure. Ultimately the health of your trees lies in their roots.

Roots are often overlooked; however, they are by far the most important part of the tree when it comes to wellness and longevity. Roots act like straws absorbing water and minerals from the soil. This action feeds and waters trees allowing them to grow and sustain beautiful green leaves throughout the spring and summer.

While, above ground, your trees essentially go to sleep for the winter below ground the roots are still growing and absorbing nutrients until the soil drops below a certain temperature, typically between 41-32 degrees Fahrenheit. In order for your roots to have the nutrients they need to make it through winter as well as to push out new growth in the spring and summer, Bio-Stimulant applications in the Fall and Spring are extremely important.

Bio-Stimulants are a combination of organic microbial inoculations that are injected into the critical root zone soil to increase root growth. They contain a natural blend of sugars, bacteria, humic acid, sea kelp extract and fungi that feed the soil and naturally fertilize the tree without the negative effects of over-fertilizing.


  • Enhance root and foliage development.
  • Increase availability of nutrients.
  • Improve a plant’s ability to recover from disease and insect damage.
  • Improve resistance to environmental stressors.
  • Cost effective: reduce related costs such as water and fertilizer.

Do the right thing for your trees; help keep them nourished during their long winters nap and wake them up in the spring with everything they need for healthy root growth.

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