Approving Your Canopy Protection Program

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As we discussed last week, there are lots of benefits of having a Canopy Protection Program including protecting the money you’ve invested in your landscape, improving safety, improve aesthetics, and preventing health issues. This week we will go over the steps you should take if you’ve received your Canopy Protection Proposal/Renewal, what you should do if you haven’t received it, and our updated payment options for 2020.

Already Received Your Canopy Protection Proposal/Renewal?

We’ve begun sending out Canopy Protection Proposals and Renewals. If you’ve received yours via email look it over then take one of the steps below.

1. Aren’t sure how you want to proceed/have questions for the office? Call our office at 703.573.3029 or submit a contact form. We’d love to talk to you about your proposed Canopy Protection Program and answer any questions about billing, how the program works, etc.

2. Ready to approve your Canopy Protection Program? Use our approval form to easily and quickly approve your program.

3. Have questions about the treatments in your Canopy Protection Program or want to talk to your Arborist before approving? Schedule a time to meet with one of our Certified Arborists to look at your property and discuss your Canopy Protection Program.

Haven’t Received Your Canopy Protection Program Yet?

If you haven’t received your Canopy Protection Program proposal/renewal yet;

1. Check your spam folder to see if your proposal went straight to spam. Your proposal will be coming from an email with the domain;
2. Give us a call at 703.573.3029; or
3. Reach out using our contact form.

New Year, New Payment Structure!

We make things easy for you in 2020! Here’s how our payment structure works:

1. PRE-PAY: Pay for your entire program no later than FEBRUARY 29, and get a 5% discount on the program total.

  • GO PAPERLESS! Just call our office to submit your payment over the phone or request an e-invoice to be e-mailed to you; or
  • Submit a check with your approval, and deduct 5% from the total.

If you choose to prepay, you won’t receive invoices throughout the season, just service reports after each visit.

2. AUTO-PAY: Leave a credit card on file, which we will charge automatically after each visit.

  • Call our office to submit your credit card information and let us know that you are interested in enrolling in AUTO-PAY

If you choose to prepay, you won’t receive invoices throughout the season, just service reports after each visit.

3. E-INVOICES: You can choose to receive an e-invoice after each service visit.

  • Payment will be due for upon receipt of your invoice

If you choose e-invoice, your service report will be included along with your invoice.

Interested in approving your Canopy Protection Program but want to learn more? Read last week’s Canopy Protection Benefits Blog, give us a call at 703.573.3029/submit a contact form, or schedule an appointment with one of our Certified Arborists.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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