Anti-Desiccants: Stop Your Evergreens From Turning Brown This Winter

Winter Burn On An Evergreen

As colder weather begins to take over the DC Metro area, many homeowners are starting to think less about their trees and more about Halloween, Thanksgiving, and winter festivities. However, if you enjoy your Evergreens this is a big mistake. This colder weather brings with it dry air and harsh winds leading to unsightly winter burn.

Evergreens Prone To Winter Burn: hollies, rhododendrons, boxwoods, cherry laurels Japanese skimmia, leucothoe, and aucuba

This unsightly browning of Evergreens stems from the fact that trees and shrubs lose moisture through their pores which are located on their leaves/needles. During the winter months, the dry air and wind accelerate this effect leading to leaves increasing their water demand from the roots in order to survive. However, the root system usually has a hard time keeping up with the leaves’ demand. This is usually because the roots weren’t able to store enough water before winter and now can’t absorb it from the frozen ground. The result: leaves and needles turning brown and dying. This cycle is called Desiccation and thankfully it can be easily solved by treating your tree with Anti-Desiccants.

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Anti-Desiccants To Cure Winter Burn

Anti-desiccant treatments can solve this destructive cycle. Anti-desiccants coat the upper and lower foliage in a protective wax coating reducing the moisture lost through the leaves. Similar to the moisturizers, lotions, and humidifiers we use to keep our skin hydrated in the winter, anti-desiccants provide trees & shrubs with the protection they need to flourish during winter instead of fighting to survive. On an aesthetic note, this means no more brown and dying evergreens! But the benefits don’t stop there; protection from anti-desiccants also lead to improved overall health.


Benefits of Anti-Desiccants Include: 

  • Protection from winter burn: Leaves turning brown and dying.
  • Protection from drought stress
  • Protection from leaf scorch
  • Helps trees suffering from root system issues
  • Makes trees look brighter and shinier/Adds a polished look to your landscape.
  • Protects from de-icing salt damage
  • It’s Eco-Friendly (100% Organic & Biodegradable)


Salt Damage On Evergreen Shrubs

Salt Damage On Evergreen Shrubs

If you have Evergreens on your property and don’t want them turning brown this year our Arborists strongly recommend having your trees treated with Anti-Desiccants. To get your trees treated with Anti-Desiccants call our office at 703.573.3029 or book an appointment with an arborist online.


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